Saturday, May 23, 2015


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It's just time for a list and more photos:

The post field trip picture:

Lots of awesome things happened on this trip, and some not so awesome.  But at the end of the day...there's this.  


Li'l T has decided he wants a pet.  He has made a list, reviewed it with his parents several times, and even insisted on a trip to the pet store to review prices of certain items.  (The checkmarks mean mom and dad might consider it.  The X's mean that's a no.)  He's turning into such a thoughtful kid.  

  My running groove is slowly but surely returning.  Perfect for this time of year!  

  I'm just finding humor in the stress of leaving my classroom after 13 years.  Many of my boxes these days say "Misc."  That will make next fall exciting!!!  :)  

I hope you are finding things to celebrate! 



  1. Love the picture of the sleeping students! That's a sign of a good field trip!!! Are you moving classrooms? Exciting changes!!

  2. A giraffe would be on my pet list too. Packing is not on my list of favorite things. I have packed my class so many times that I truly appreciate not packing this year. Then again, packing has helped to clean and organize. Happy running!

  3. Loved that list of potential pets! A cheetah would be high on my list! And a sloth!

  4. No to an elephant? Probably wise. Love this list. It's a keeper.

  5. Ah, those misc. boxes. Yes, it certainly makes life exciting in the Fall!

  6. Love seeing that pet list. Hope it all goes well in the choosing and the keeping! Congrats on your running, Kendra!