Sunday, August 19, 2018

Run Like a Pirate: On a Vegan Lifestyle and a Few Other Things.


Wow.  It was over 4 years ago that I wrote about becoming a Food Allergy Mama.  

What's funny about this link post is how I used running to get through that time in our lives and I remember it well.  

I've always watched vegans with curiosity.  Could we really do that?  Is that part of who we could be?  I always thought no, until I did a little research.  You see nut-allergies are among the list of foods that we avoid.  I never thought I could feed Tiny Guy a plant based diet until I did some research. 

With a little research, I'm learning that we can definitely eat more plant based foods than I thought we could. I've been studying this blog like crazy.  

I also have some questions:
Anyone reading this who is vegan with a nut-allergy?  What other resources do you use?
Also, are you a vegan with no nuts and no soy?  Again, do you have any resources?

Our journey with food is far from over.  But I loved getting this little nudge in reading this book.  

Have you picked it up yet?  


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

SOL: Run Like a Pirate Chapter 9: Day Three-My Husband


Have you purchased this book yet?
Do it.

After reading chapter 9, I couldn't help but think about how Mr. and I met.  

My favorite part of our meeting story, is our timing.  

As a junior in high school, I really thought I'd be headed out west to college.  A small college where my Mr. was in his Freshman year.  At this point, I have no idea he exists.  My mom and dad trekked out there with me.  The conversation with admissions went like this.  

A:  "Sometimes you have to have faith that the finances are going to work out."
My Dad:  "I have faith, but I also see the numbers.  This isn't going to work for us."  
(I didn't appreciate it then, but I Love my Dad.  And if you know him, you can hear him saying this.)

So.  Little did I know as I was making plans to attend a State U, Mr. was making plans to move back to attend the same State U.  (Remember, neither one of us knows the other one exists at this point.)

I absolutely believe in the timing of this.  

When we all landed at State U., I met him.  And I knew.  Even if it took another 12 months to get to the good stuff.  

My high school bestie, "You did not just find the guy you are going to marry."  Oh yes I did.

He just needed to date 1-2 more girls to figure it out.  
And I needed to date 1-2 more guys to figure it out.  

But the following summer, we figured it out.  
And we have been figuring it out for 21 years now.  

This picture is from the best birthday party I've been at in awhile.  

He's pensive.  But if you earn his trust and know what he's thinking!  
He's wise.  
He is a great running partner. 
He loves to read.
He's funny.  Don't blink or you might miss it.  
He loves his family in an unwavering way that let's us all take chances.  


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Monday, August 13, 2018

Run Like A Pirate: Day Two


Alright Friends.  It's later in the day than when I usually write.  But we have to talk about chapter 7.  

The day before I read this chapter I was out on a run with my hubs.  

The kids were with the Grandparents.  

We had a Sunday morning to do what we wanted.  
Can you hear the angels singing?  I mean we went out for brunch that weekend!  

6 miles!  Yahoo!  I was on track to register for the half-marathon in October.  

(Need a flat, fast race?  The Des Moines Marathon/Half Marathon is that for you...just saying...)

But we only made it 4.5 miles before my foot had such a pain in it, I wasn't sure if we were even going to be able to walk home.  

It's rare/unheard of for me to cry about running, but I did that day.  Mr. didn't say much, he just held my hand and let me grumble for 2 seconds about the pain.  And walked home with me.

Monday afternoon I find myself in the doctor's office with my RunLAP book.  And I read chapter 7 before the Xray and before I knew what was really wrong.    

So, this pesky case of Plantar Fasciitis has nothing on me.  
These days, I wear sensible shoes all the time.  (If you know me, hearing that I shouldn't be barefoot all the time...well...that's just crazy.  I totally gave the doctor my teacher look.  Then went out and bought sensible shoes.)

I'm still running.  Not on my original plan.  It's flexible.  Because I'm not running as many miles, I noticed my splits were getting a Wee faster.  

I'm hiking more through our parks.  And biking more.  My oldest son got a new bike out of the deal!  

I'm doing my yoga and stretching.  For real now.  

I love this idea of running my own half, maybe in November.  And who knows?  Maybe I'll be ready by October.  But I'm at peace with being flexible about this.  

But You guys.  It was chapter 7 that allowed me to tackle this head on.  I'm not really accountable to that race, only to myself.  I can run my own half marathon when it's time.  

And who knows?  Maybe I'll win.  


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Thoughts on Run Like A Pirate-Day One


It's true.  March ended and my writing went silent.  
Well.  No it didn't.  I just went out to collect stories.  
I just wasn't putting them here.  
But after finishing this book, I realized, it was time.  

Time for the stories.  

Have you read this book?  I'll wait while you go order it... 

Are you done?  Good.  

This book?  Stirs things up.  
Don't read it if you are content being right where you are.  
It will push you.  It pushed me.  

So let's get on with the story telling, shall we?

In chapter 3 of Run Like a Pirate, Adam talks about clarity.  

Where does yours come from?

My thinking place is definitely outside.  On a trail, running or hiking or biking.  

What happens is the music is playing? (because I do have one ear bud in.  Hip hop on the trail for me!)
I can release anything that is considered a "have to" and just let my mind open up.   Ideas and thoughts that maybe seem impossible other places are only possible on the trail.  

This book also reminded me that writing clarifies things for me.  
So here I am.  

Over the next 6ish days, I'll be writing about my thoughts from this book.  
(Order it already!)

Also J, if you are reading this, I ordered Wild Card.  It's here on Monday.  :)