Monday, August 13, 2018

Run Like A Pirate: Day Two


Alright Friends.  It's later in the day than when I usually write.  But we have to talk about chapter 7.  

The day before I read this chapter I was out on a run with my hubs.  

The kids were with the Grandparents.  

We had a Sunday morning to do what we wanted.  
Can you hear the angels singing?  I mean we went out for brunch that weekend!  

6 miles!  Yahoo!  I was on track to register for the half-marathon in October.  

(Need a flat, fast race?  The Des Moines Marathon/Half Marathon is that for you...just saying...)

But we only made it 4.5 miles before my foot had such a pain in it, I wasn't sure if we were even going to be able to walk home.  

It's rare/unheard of for me to cry about running, but I did that day.  Mr. didn't say much, he just held my hand and let me grumble for 2 seconds about the pain.  And walked home with me.

Monday afternoon I find myself in the doctor's office with my RunLAP book.  And I read chapter 7 before the Xray and before I knew what was really wrong.    

So, this pesky case of Plantar Fasciitis has nothing on me.  
These days, I wear sensible shoes all the time.  (If you know me, hearing that I shouldn't be barefoot all the time...well...that's just crazy.  I totally gave the doctor my teacher look.  Then went out and bought sensible shoes.)

I'm still running.  Not on my original plan.  It's flexible.  Because I'm not running as many miles, I noticed my splits were getting a Wee faster.  

I'm hiking more through our parks.  And biking more.  My oldest son got a new bike out of the deal!  

I'm doing my yoga and stretching.  For real now.  

I love this idea of running my own half, maybe in November.  And who knows?  Maybe I'll be ready by October.  But I'm at peace with being flexible about this.  

But You guys.  It was chapter 7 that allowed me to tackle this head on.  I'm not really accountable to that race, only to myself.  I can run my own half marathon when it's time.  

And who knows?  Maybe I'll win.  


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