Sunday, March 23, 2014

#sol14 How I Became a Food Allergy Mama

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Okay, because we've been slicing together for almost a month now, I thought I would share this story of our youngest son.  It's been on my list now for awhile to share, I've been pondering how to share without writing the longest blog post ever.  Your inspiration and ideas, dear writers, has lead me to try a poem? (As I write, definitely not a poem.)  A list of slices?  I'm not sure what it is.   Anyway, here's the story of how I became a food allergy mama.  It's made me a more compassionate teacher, mama/wife, and friend.  I'm grateful for this experience.  

First, the vomiting began.  So much vomiting.  3-4-5-6 times a day.  It's not the flu.   But it's not right.  Nighttime.  Daytime.  We can't escape it.  

Doctors begin to think and try.  Acid reflux?  Try this medicine.   Give him another pillow.  Keep a food diary.  None of it is working.   

Then, the doctors start to use words like "biopsy" and "Eosinophils".  And the crushing weight of not having answers begins to take hold.  

A biopsy, 3 doctors, and a lot of prayer. 
The vomiting--after 4 endless months--stops.   Relief and the healing comes in the form of an inhaler?!?  We'll take it.    

The answers come rushing in like a tidal wave.  We can see answers in the waves of information.  
We can't get to them fast enough.  

We have to sort through the opinions of friends and family.  Some sting.  Some hurt.  Some make me want to throw down in a WWE style.  We remind each other, it's out of love.  Instead of wrestling the general population, I take up running.  

There are friends who have resources and experiences, and share them without hesitation.  

I cry at the grocery store.  Only once.  God smiles at me and says, "I got this.  Just feed him." 

More words from doctors, "Failure to thrive."  "Feeding tubes."  "Feeding supplements."  "Gain weight"  
The weekly weigh ins for our Tiny Champion.  I start to question, "Are you sure you've got this God?"  Silence.  I learn later; God was setting me up to see a miracle.   

Then--after almost a year--new hope.  New doctors.  Finally, some answers.  I read everything.  I pray fervently.  We start to see growth in his little body.  We always saw his spark.  

Today, it's an adventure in the kitchen.  Tiny Champion is now pouring over cookbooks with me.  We choose foods together, and calls himself "Mommy's Shoe Chef."  

I'm pretty sure I watched a miracle happen.  

Today, about 3 years later,  Tiny Champion fits right in, you will notice his spark before anything else.  His food allergies definitely do not define him.    And we are so thankful for that.  



  1. Wow. This is amazing. I am just now, at the age of 35, starting to get some answers about food allergies that have been impacting me for years. It has been a crazy ride. I cry. In the aisle at the grocery store. I get overwhelmed by the advice that comes with good intentions. Bless you for being your Tiny Champion's greatest advocate and biggest protector!

  2. There is nothing scarier than the not knowing. Thankfully the doctors figured this out. I love the "shoe chef".

  3. Wonderful that you can share the food prep with your little champion. I am grateful that they/you found the answer even if it may have been troublesome at first. It sounds like you have taken the sometimes less traveled road of positivity and grace.

  4. Wow! It's scary when you are searching for answers. You described that tidal wave SO well, "We can see answers in the waves of information.
    We can't get to them fast enough." Wow!