Sunday, March 2, 2014

#sol14-Why Report Cards Are Making Me Smile


This is part of the Slice of Life Challenge with Two Writing Teachers.  Their link is here.

It's Sunday evening.  My husband can see me with my headphones on at my laptop.  In our house, that is code for, "Mom is Working on school."  So he heats up the soup, and even made some delicious bread to go along with it.  Perfect for a day when we are setting weather records because it is so cold outside!  (It's -2, without the wind chill.  I'm over this.)

I've been camped out in my "spot" for a couple of hours now working on report cards.  At the beginning of the year, I had a situation at school that consumed a LOT of time.  It had to.  

In that time, I began to seriously doubt what kind of learning was taking place in my classroom.  Sure I had data to show some growth, but was there learning taking place?  

So, tonight, I smile because as I sit here with my notes, and some work surrounding me, I'm getting the chance to reflect on what we've really learned.  And I'm smiling, because we've learned a LOT!  

I have had the chance to reclaim some of this time I'm thinking of.  As I watch the children and think about the beginning of the year, I'm so proud of them.  And I get to share their awesome work this week.  

   This week has been long, and next week will be too.  But I get to connect with these families and share the learning!  

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