Thursday, March 20, 2014

#sol14 Late Nights, Crabby Mornings, Happy Endings

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It's 11:07 PM, and I'm still awake. Way too late for a girl like me.  And my mind is racing.  This class.  Online.  Driving. Me. Crazy.  

I love the idea of studying behavior strategies to help kids.  Especially our kids who need the most love and consistency we can provide them.  I don't love taking a subjective topic and trying to cram it into an objective course.  (Whew!  I feel better already.)  Having this experience has made me wonder what I'm doing in my own classroom that makes kids want to pull their hair out and text random strings of thoughts to their closest friends at 11:08.  Again, way too late for a girl like me.  

Fast Forward to 6:28 AM. I hear the Thump-Pitter-Patter-Thump of a 5 year old.  In a shouting whisper that only he can make, "Who will snuggle with me?!?!?!"  My Mr. hops up and offers the 5 year old his pillow as he starts his day.  My first thought is, "No!  It's too early!"  Before that thought even leaves my brain, he's up on the bed.  Kicking and stretching out.  Patting my forehead. Rearranging my hair.   Was that a finger in my eye?  
 "Mommy!??!?!"  (Shouting whisper.)  "Are you awake?!?!?!?"  

I want to capture a few more moments of sleep, but I think of the dog who spent the night in his kennel down the hill and know that he's waiting for me to bring him some freedom!  I roll out of bed.  Ugh.  My eyes are blurry and I need my coffee.  The dog is more than happy to see me.  Such a funny puppy.  He's extra pushy this morning.  Ouch!  Back to the kennel for a bit until later today when we will walk.  

I return home, back up the hill.  "What's on the agenda today mom?"  "Can I have cheese toast for breakfast?"  "Let's play puppy and you throw me the Frisbee."  I want to shush them all, but I don't.  But I know I have to be honest about my feelings at this point, so I don't yell. Because I'm so tired.   Why, as a mom does that always bring a little bit of guilt?  "Mom needs a moment to sip some coffee, wake up, and figure out an agenda."  

The boys smile, which warms my heart instantly.  They understand.  They throw themselves into trying tunes on the piano, sorting Pokemon cards, and watching a little TV.  We take a moment to fill out 5 Year Old's NCAA bracket.  He might do better than all of us!  

I've had my moment to reset.  I've written.  I've responded.  Breakfast.  Coffee.  More Coffee.  Hugs from all the boys.  I smile.  They really are my happy ending.  

Now for that agenda....



  1. Kiddo hugs do amazing things, don't they?

    "I don't love taking a subjective topic and trying to cram it into an objective course." That is a challenge. I often enjoy learning things, but have a hard time with the hoops I am told I have to jump through to prove it.

    The 'whisper' wake up makes me glad for something we instilled nearly from the get-go - all people are woken up with a kiss. It really is lovely, especially hearing them try to get to you as quietly as possible and feeling them wriggle until they can get the angle just right. Smooch!

  2. I agree with Kristi. I felt like I was right there being poked in the eye. Here's hoping, they sleep in a tad bit more tomorrow.