Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#sol14 Day 11--How Are You Feeling?

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Two Writing Teachers have written about the Slice of Life on their blog.  Head on over and check it out!

So I have a moment tonight where I'm catching up on blogs and writing on our own.  It's a treat these days.  

When I meandered over to Two Writing Teachers, the opening sentence asked about feelings.  Well, it's close to spring break, my filter is slightly off. Why not share with you how I'm feeling today?  ;)  Here we go:

Exhausted.  I really cannot handle another 'thing' that requires any kind of emotion right now.  Without airing all the laundry: dogs, long lost friends, and budgets have about done me in.  Some of that is my own fault.  I carry things I can't control.  It's resulted in less than stellar choices in taking care of me.  (Not enough sleep, more cookies, etc.)  I need to reset myself, and get back into making some good choices.  

Fulfilled.  In the face of exhaustion, I would wrestle you to let you know that I work in a building with the best teachers anywhere. :)   And my students have come so far this year.  One day, this Slice of Life Blog will contain a little piece of their writing.  Even in exhaustion, good things are happening, especially at school. 

Ready.  I'm ready to do some binge reading.  I'm ready to sleep until 6:30 AM.  I'm ready to run outside.  (Do not mistake that for me running inside.  Where is that bandwagon, I'm so far off it?!?!)  I'm ready to cook some meals.  I'm ready to see the Lego Movie.  I'm ready to listen to music.  I'm ready to write and blog and participate in Twitter chats.  

Enough.  I know that my identity isn't wrapped up in any of this.  My Faith tells me that.  For that I am Thankful.  

How are you feeling these days?  

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  1. Hey, I want to see the Lego Movie, too! That "to do" list gets long quickly, huh? "Enough." I love the word right now. Yes, it's enough just to be you, and to enjoy life as it comes. Enjoy!