Friday, March 21, 2014

#sol14 Hello There!

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The end of spring break is near.  I've been inspired by many of your blogs to write and share some more stories.  However, today calls for a frantic attempt to accomplish a few house cleaning items.  We've had fun this week, because I used my long winter days wisely.  I'm a little more thankful for those long winter days.  I really did use that time to clean some things out.  

So this post is inspired by Deb Day's post.  I was saving Hello There! for when I was wanting to slice quickly.

**Friends!  An update!  Also, yesterday I was reading Leigh Anne's Blog and made a note to write this type of a post.  When I sat down this morning, I couldn't remember who I had visited yesterday in all my slicing action, and didn't give her credit for inspiration as well! 

i am a wife, mom, first grade teacher

i keep books even when it's clear they should be recycled

i wish  I could wake up in the morning in an easy fashion

i love deeply

i dance in the kitchen when I'm cooking dinner

i sing at my house, in my car, and when I'm running

i think we need to be more forgiving to ourselves

i really wish I was better at managing time

i need to run outside

i should be cleaning something right now

i can play piano 

i like school

i make an abundance of food when I'm home on breaks

i always hug my family before I leave them

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  1. I borrowed this from Deb yesterday too! It was nice to have that prompt and to not have to think...too hard. I can so relate to you I should be cleaning something right now! But here I am reading slices once again! Have a great Friday!

  2. The posts are so much fun to read! I really wish I was better at managing time as well! Thanks for the follow on twitter!