Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#sol14-What Really Goes On During Spring Break.

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I have a 2 page "to-do" list for this week.  It's day 5 of my break, if you count the weekend.  Please ask me what I've accomplished off this list.  

Two.  Two items.  

This morning, as I contemplate what to do next, I want to curse the "to-do" list and ditch it all.  

I wouldn't classify the list as unrealistic for a spring break.  It involves a vacuum, dusting, organizing, planning for school, etc.  Some items didn't even make the spring break list, because I worked on them in January when my husband was working crazy long hours.  (Hooray!)  

However, this break, I'm relishing in the quiet.  Here's what my break list really should look like:
1.  Talk to my husband.  Eat dinner with him in public.  Twice.  :)
2.  Read.  Read.  Read.
3.  Take care of neighbor's puppy as a reminder of why we aren't ready to get another dog quite yet.
4.  Take boys to "The Lego Movie."  Enjoy watching their faces almost as watching the movie.
5.  Eat breakfast and lunch with friends.  Have long, uninterrupted conversations.  
6.  See my family.  
7.  Cook lunch.  A healthy one.  Sit down at the counter and take 30 minutes to eat it.  
8.  Watch my sons play this morning, turning off the TV on their own.
9.  Sleep until 7.  (That is like the middle of the day for us usually.)
10.  Read your amazing blogs.  Attempt to write a few myself.  

Now, as I reflect on the time I've had to refresh, I know that I'm ready to tackle that to do list.  I'm not always great at to-lists, but as I've taken time to reflect, I know that I'm pretty good at prioritizing what really matters.  Now, if you'll excuse me, there is some orange cleaner and a kitchen full of cabinets waiting for me.  

If you are on spring break, how are you taking time to refresh?  

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  1. I have two and half weeks before my break is here! I can hardly wait. When the time gets closer, I am sure I will have a list of things to accomplish during my week! Have fun this week!