Sunday, March 30, 2014

#sol14 Dear Teachers, Keep On Doing What You Are Doing!

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Dear Teacher Friends Near and Far,

Today, in church, I had the opportunity to witness something cool.  My worlds collided.  I love it when that happens for the good.  Other cool learning took place too that is connected to my life as an educator, but that is for another day.  

It began with a simple question.  "Tell me about a teacher/educator that made a difference in your life."  Honestly, teacher friends, I got nervous.  It's just when these two words collide, sometimes I end up feeling hurt by my perception that we as educators are misunderstood. So I jumped in right away out of nerves and began to talk about the amazing educators I work with everyday.  Not only do they know their content, but they know the lives of their students.

Then, my heart soared.  And you need to hear once again, how awesome you truly are.  

People told stories of great teachers that they remember.  It was a small group, but here is some of what they shared:

About the biology teacher who took the students to the beach and knew which creatures you could pick up right of the beach and munch on for a snack.  How he had such a relationship with his students, they never wanted to let him down.

The geometry teacher who opened up and shared his feelings after experiencing heart-breaking loss. 

A history teacher who was able to get a student to love history when one student walked into the room "hating it."  He helped with homecoming and she still finds the historical perspective of any story fascinating. 

They all spoke of how smart these teachers were and how passionate they were about their subjects, but in each story it was about the relationships. 

  You build relationships.  You love what you do and bring passion to your work everyday.

You are remembered.  You are loved.

Keep doing all of that.  It's continuing to make a difference.  



  1. Kendra, thank you for writing this letter! You are so right, it really is all about the relationships! I wish you many wonderful years in your classroom where these relationships will flourish, and years later, your students will remember you!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. So often when I read articles on line and see the comments teachers are attacked. It is so awesome to hear appreciation for teachers!

  3. It is a privilege, isn't it, to be able to touch lives in this way. Thank you for the letter as a reminder! :)