Saturday, March 22, 2014

#sol14 Dear Boys In School Everywhere...

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This past week I had the awesome opportunity to visit with some kids I love dearly.  During a quiet moment in the day, I asked one of them, "How's school going?"  To which he replied, "Okay, but the teachers are really on the side of the girls."  

As a teacher, I had to follow up on that one.  
Me--"Tell me more." 
Kid proceeds to tell me a story about a misunderstanding, in which he felt like an injustice occurred.  Knowing there are two sides to every story, I listened.  That story may or may not have happened like he said.  But his perception stuck with me.  

Man, have I been thinking about that conversation ever since.  Especially, "Okay, but the teachers are really on the side of the girls."  

In the end, that story inspired my need to write this open letter to boys in school everywhere.  You see, as a 1st grade teacher, it broke my heart that by the age of 10, a child had the words to create such a sentence.  And I just had to say something.   I'm sure there is more to say, but here's a start.  

Dear Boys In School Everywhere, 

We are on your side.  

When you need to stand up during the read aloud because we just got to the good part, we are on your side.  Go ahead and get passionate about a good book.  And keep reading.  Even if you are standing up.  Please gather around all the books with your friends.  Especially if it's one you love, even if I wouldn't choose it.  Because dear reader, I just want you to love the feeling of picking up a book.   Keep doing that. 

Yes, you can sit on the floor to work.  Stretch your legs out.  Yes, you can sit in a chair to work.  Yes, you can stand on one leg like a flamingo to work.  We need to move around too when we are working. We are on your side.  

Take a moment of quiet if you need it.  We do too sometimes.  We are on your side.  

Of course we will problem solve together if we need to.  Everyone makes mistakes.  But we are on your side.  We will hear your side of the story every time.  We will take the time to understand.  We believe in forgiveness, and new starts.  We have all been given those.  You have the right to them too.  

We are on your side at recess.  We are working hard so all of us realize how important critical it is for you to have this time to run, yell, run, jump, and run some more.  That is important for all of us!  (Teachers too!)  We have loved watching you organize your soccer games this year.  You have tremendous leadership skills.  We are so glad we got to witness this at recess this year.  We learned so much from watching you do this!  

We will hug you if you want a hug.  We will offer a high-five or a happy face if you don't want to hug.  We are on your side.

We are on your side in the classroom.  We celebrate your successes with you.  We want to cheer you on and move mountains so you can experience that success.  When you experience that success, we will rejoice with you.  

We will work to get the materials you need so you can experience the awesomeness of education. (Yes, awesomeness.)  We don't want you to be a by-stander trying to soak it in.  We are working hard so everyone knows that all kids need lots of different opportunities and avenues for learning.  We are on your side.  

Dear Boys in School Everywhere, we love you.  You bring something to our classrooms that no one else can.  School is for you, and we are on your side.  

Love, The Teachers Everywhere Working Hard So You Believe This.  



  1. What a good reminder to all of us. Sometimes our need to get things done supersedes their need to be boys. Thanks for this letter.

  2. Kendra thank you for taking a risk today! I enjoyed this piece very much. As a parent of two boys and one girl, I can see why a ten year old boy might say this, and it makes me sad ( and a little angry) as a mom and as a teacher. Thank you for writing