Friday, March 14, 2014

#sol14 The First 24 Hours of Spring Break

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Two Writing Teachers have written about the Slice of Life on their blog.  Head on over and check it out!

1.  A pizza party with family.  My favorite part?  When "Angelina Ballerina"--my niece--came barreling down the stairs dressed as Captain America. She's so funny.  The cousins are now enjoying a sleepover.  

2.  Drinks and Cheese Balls with my husband to watch a basketball game at a local sports bar.  Who leaves their house at 8 PM on a Thursday night to go somewhere fun?  We did.  :)

3.  Breakfast with "my ladies."  My favorite quote to one of us?  "Why are you dressed?"  Translation:  "You are showered and wearing matching clothes."  (She was going to buy a car after eating breakfast with us.)  To teachers on spring break, this just brought uproarious laughter.  Which I love.  

4.  Breakfast ran right into lunch with another friend who I hadn't seen a couple of weeks.  

5.  Shopping for a few hours sans kids.  Some new additions for my classroom from the teacher store, and a new pair of jeans for me!

6.  A nap, followed by quiet time.  

7.  Texting with my sister-in-law who works at a book store about Flora and Ulysses.  I love books.  I'm getting ready to start A Snicker of Magic.  

8.  Local tacos and a trip to the bookstore?  (I may have a problem. )  Yes please!  

I hope that you are finding ways to stay renewed and refreshed.  Happy Spring!  



  1. I don't have a break for a few more weeks. You have just made me hope that it comes much more quickly. I'm very jealous.

    1. Thanks for reading! I was looking at your blog! A fun fact about me, I'm the only public school teacher on one side of my family, everyone else is a Lutheran school teacher. Thanks for all the work you do! (I have a front row seat to what that entails!) The time will go fast! Good luck!