Saturday, March 15, 2014

#sol14 Saturday

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I woke up early.  Too early.  The first thing I did was ask myself, "Don't you know it's Saturday?  And the boys are gone?!?!?  Go back to sleep!"  But I couldn't.  

I throw on a sweater.  I love March.  I'm mindful that I'm not freezing or thinking about oppressive wind chills.  It's also still crisp enough in the morning to need a sweater.  I toss that on, and stumble down stairs.

Coffee?  Yes please.  I sip and peek at social media and turn on the news.  It hums in the background and I ponder what to do first.  

I consider what books I'm going to read this weekend.  (Why not?  There are always books!)

I looked at my graduate class.  It's dragging on forever.  It's time to be done.  Really done.  A plan to finish this within a week--complete.  

I read some of your blogs.  I am loving hearing your stories as we work through #sol14.

I keep waiting to hear the thump of the feet telling me my kidlets are up.  That won't come today as they are with family.  

Not an ordinary Saturday.  I'm continuing to savor the quiet.  
Happy Saturday.  



  1. Enjoy your Saturday! I woke up later than usual. Slowing moving toward getting out of the house to the museum. Enjoy your morning.

  2. You've captured well those moments when we are out of routine with our children. I have even accidentally called someone for dinner when really s/he was not here for the day; the other children laugh and remind me. Another time this happens to me is when we're out and about and don't have all the children. I am so used to counting off that I start to panic if they aren't all there, then I remember that they aren't all supposed to be there. Enjoy your Saturday!