Tuesday, March 25, 2014

To #1stchat and Anyone Else Who has Students Blogging

Friends.  On Sunday night, #1stchat had an awesome open chat.  I was able to connect and ask some questions about student blogging.  I was so inspired!  Thank you for sharing your insights and ideas with everyone.

So I've been thinking.  I process new things a lot before I jump in and try, especially if I have the choice.  Thanks for just acknowledging that.  It's part of who I am.

Tonight, I'd like to share with you where I'm at, and ask a few questions about students who blog.  And I would love your feedback, if you would be so kind to give it.

What I Know:

I have loved blogging personally and with my dear friend, Annie.  What a release for me as I process teaching, especially writing.  I feel like my writing block has improved since I have started blogging and writing on a regular basis.

There are many reasons why I should blog with my students.  Included, but not limited to:  the voice it gives the students, the audience, the authenticity, the connections, the skills being practiced in both writing and technology.  I've been thinking about all of these.  A Lot.

My Questions:

I think I have a plan so students will have an opportunity to blog a couple times a week.  How does blogging fit into your schedule?

What change did you notice in your students as writers after they started blogging?

Are there any of you who wished you hadn't started a student blog?  Why?

Again, thanks for any feedback you are willing to give me.   This post has helped me clear some thoughts out of my head so I can move on!



  1. I commend anyone who starts blogging with their students. I think it sounds very powerful. I don't personally but have also thought about this a lot this school year. I think I will start with paper/pencil slicing to get a feel for it and then maybe Kidblog will be my next stop. I wish you tons of luck and hope you get started. What a great opportunity!

  2. I am not in a position to blog with students although I am encouraging classroom teachers to consider it. I was talking to a primary teacher this weekend who blogs with her students. As first graders they started with shared blogs and she recently began having a blogger of the day post about the learning that they witnessed during the day. Impressive. She is using an app called Junior Blogger. This is the format for BLOGGER. Blogging creates an instant audience. I talked to her about closed vs open for security purposes and she said that the tech gurus feel that teaching kids to negotiate without controls is more effective. They do a lot of talking about digital citizenship. I wish I had a class of students to explore and learn about classroom blogs. Good luck.

  3. Oh, I was hoping there would be loads of answers in the comment section of your post! I have asked and am asking the same questions, but with 6th graders. I have the resources (computers), but lack time, structure, a method. Building it into a classroom seems daunting, and yet, like you, I've seen the benefits personally. I am doing some serious thinking about this for next year. Maybe a weekly post, like the twowritingteachers.com? Tuesday slices? Just thoughts...