Sunday, January 8, 2017

Must Read in 2017

Hi Friends...

A huge thank you to Carrie Gelson at There is a Book for That for organizing all the readers.  It was inspirational and encouraged me to set some goals for reading this year.

Like always I have a stack of books I'm sure I'll never finish.  As I sorted through the stacks to pick my 2017 reads, it was fun.  My sister always generously shares books with my mom and I when she's finished.  I need to get reading and share the love.

My son is starting to pass more books my way.  At Christmas, he re-gifted books from his stack to me.  I will always read them.

I've set a goal for 20 books this year.  It's based on what I recorded over the past two years.  I was just under 20 both years, so let's bump that up and hopefully pass it!

Here we Go...

Adult Novels:


Young Adult/Middle Grade  (Some of Both...)


Professional Books/NonFiction

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I feel like I should say that of course this will change.  My 8 year old is already asking me about Red by Liesel Shurtliff.  That's the one I haven't read yet!  And I'm off to see what Carrie has compiled from all of you!

Happy New Year!


  1. I highly recommend both A Long Way Gone and Salt to the Sea - unforgettable reads.

  2. The two Carrie mentioned are the only ones of yours I've read, too, & I liked them both, Kendra. I like that you shared a variety of books, & I do recommend Red too. I've loved all of Shurtliff's fairy tale re-writes. Happy Reading!