Sunday, January 26, 2014

#nerdlution Round 2

#nerdlution brought our blog back to life.  So, when round two was offered, my first thought was, "Why not?"  There's more to do to improve!

So I spent the weekend brainstorming.  I thought about food, exercise, reading, technology use, connecting through Twitter and blogging...the list goes on.  I also am starting to hear a crafty/artistic side speaking in my head, this might be my summer goal.  

I considered what I could realistically accomplish to make a positive shift for myself and my family and community. 

So I narrowed it down to these two #nerdlution goals.  For the next 50 days:

1.  I hope to write notes of encouragement each day.  Sometimes it will be handwritten, sometimes it will be electronic.  Some will be to colleagues.  Some will be to family.  Some will be to people far away!  Earlier this month, I received a handwritten note in the mail that was so encouraging to me.  I want to pass this feeling on to someone else!  

2.  Less is more.  50 bags in 50 days.  Some bags will get thrown out, some bags will get donated.  My donated bags will become part of our Saturday routine, as we move around town.  My goal is to fill at least a "Target bag" each day with stuff.  We have a lot of "stuff."  It's time.  

Here's to a successful #nerdlution if you are participating!  

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