Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Post About the Last 24 Hours or My "Summer Self"

Well.  Here we are.  I am finally allowed in my classroom today!  This summer the building that I work at was completely renovated.  If it could be fixed or replaced, it was.  It has really come down to the wire, as today is truly the first day we have been allowed in the building to work, and some teachers won't be allowed in their rooms while finishing touches are put in place.  My students arrive on Tuesday.  Oh, there has been research at home about new lesson plans, new materials to use in the classroom, learning from my "tweeps" on Twitter, and the always present professional read.  There is always something to accomplish as an educator. However, not being able to work in the classroom as caused some anxiety about the physical arrangement of the classroom being ready. I'm ready to teach my students, I realize we are so lucky that the project isn't delayed so much that it affecting where we start school, or when we start school. Meetings were cleared off our calendar for us.  Our school community has really rallied to help us get ready.  It truly is an exciting time.

With the anxiety I'm feeling this morning of unpacking my classroom in 3 working days (we all know I'll be living there this weekend too), I was reflecting on what I was given this summer.  I was able to focus on my family, whom I adore.  My "summer self" was attentive, relaxed, and more apt to say "yes" to another 1/2 hour at the pool.   And when I realized I couldn't arrange my classroom early (on my time), we did this:

The Analyzer was thrilled to be on the field of our minor league team getting autographs.  What a great promotion.
And this:
Our State Fair is a great place for families.  My kids loved "Li'l Hands on the Farm."

And this:
More than once, we 'met' new arrivals in the barns at the fair.  "Torpedo" is in the trucker hat.
These pictures remind me that no matter what comes my way this year, I can be "my summer self" all year long.  While working hard, and educating my students, I can stop and notice how lovely things are, I can see that we do have time to get things done, and that saying "yes" makes people smile.  

What strategies do you have to hold on to your "summer self"?  

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