Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hopes and Dreams for 2013

Every time I sit down to write this post, my heart begins to beat faster.  I had the opportunity to attend a conference on Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) a couple of weeks ago.  When I consider my hopes and dreams for the year, I think about my obligation as an educator to give all the students an education I would want for my own children.  That is quite a charge.  Yet, with that charge, I get renewed, and I love thinking about the dreams for the year.  So here they are:
  1.      Inquiry based learning:  After reading a bit of Comprehension and Collaboration Inquiry Circles in Action, by Stephanie Harvey and Harvey Daniels; I hope to begin by implementing this in my Science/Social Studies block, with the vision to have it fully implemented in my classroom by next year.
  2.       Authentic use of technology.  This year as I teach my first twenty days, instead of teaching technology use as an “add on”, we can embed the use of technology in our learning from the beginning. 
  3.       With these two goals, the idea of classroom arrangement began to take more of a front seat as well.  A traditional set up in the classroom isn’t going to work with these goals.  More thoughts on this later. 

What is on your mind as you begin this year?  What are you hoping to accomplish or focus on? 


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