Tuesday, April 22, 2014

#sol14 Running--A Poem

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The alarm sings out songs from the 60's. 
My eyes pop open.  
Drop shut.  
Pop Open.  
Drop shut.  

Friends are waiting!  
Pop open!  
Roll out of bed.  
Quiet as a mouse.  
It's early.  

I hear steady breathing of my boys.
I slip downstairs. 
Coffee?  A must.  

I love the dark.  And quiet. 
Like I'm cheating time.  
And my schedule.

My friends. 
We meet. 
We run.  
Thoughts and ideas roll freely from both of us.

My head is clear.  
My knee is sore. 
My heart is ready. 



  1. Nice poem! It's great that you are participating in the #teacherpoets discussion. I watched the video from the first session where Chris did a poem on running and I really enjoyed it. I like the last stanza of your poem. I can relate! Even when I'm feeling sore, a good run can make me feel ready to take on the world.

  2. I was running through this poem with you. Coffee...yes, a must. Dark...yes, it cheats time for sure. I loved that your heart was ready by the end of this. Great way to start a day.