Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Reflections from #nErDcamp Part 2--A Top Five List

Back in Iowa.  

Annie wrote a great post about our adventurous trip out to Michigan here.  What she didn't tell you is what a rock star she was driving us through all of that.  She is Ah-May-Zing.  (Yes, I just wrote that.)

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After we made it to South Bend last night, we ate this bread pudding at an Irish restaurant. And it was Delicious.  I just had to share it with you.  Thanks for watching.  

And then the "swirling" began.  You see, I watch and take things in first, swirl them around a bit, and then process them.  Which means I'll be talking/tweeting/thinking #nErDcampmi for a couple more weeks. What is it that I really took away from nErDcamp?  How am I going to improve the classroom for my kiddos in the fall?  So--a top five list (HEY!  :) We left South Bend at 5 AM central time-I'm sleepy) of what's going through my mind as I think about nErDcamp (in no particular order--most are still pretty random):

5.  Teachers are brilliant.  
4.  I'm going to be dwelling on the idea that Katie Muhtaris shared during a discussion on math:  "What is the pinnacle of choice in math instruction?"  Even though I said no order, this is the concept that will probably stay with me the longest, and the one Annie and I mulled over the most on the way back to Iowa this morning.  Thank you Katie for giving words to my ongoing struggle to get this right in math!  
3.  nErDs can run.  The nErD run was amazingly fun, and a great way to chat and enjoy some more of Michigan. 
2.  Blogging must happen in my classroom next year on some level.  No excuses.
1.  After hearing the Top Books of 2014 discussion, books may need to become a line item budget in our house.  Like groceries and electricity.  

There is more "swirling" taking place right now.  But sometimes less is more.  

Speaking of my house, I was reunited with my favorite members of my reading community today.  This was taken literally 5 minutes after I walked in the door (after he pilfered the Origami Yoda cards from me):  

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It was followed by a trip to the library with #5 and my Mr.  Because we are Nerdy like that.  

Thank you team #nErDcampmi for an amazing time.  We'll be back in 2015. 

Joy!  Kendra

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  1. Love that books might become a line item on the budget. My husband wishes I would take a few months off from this. :)