Saturday, April 18, 2015

Celebrate! Peace in the Congregating.

I'm linking with Ruth Ayres, and her weekly link up.  Read More about that here.  And then join in.

If you go back to Ruth's post, you'll find these words, "Wherever I plant myself to write, they congregate."  

This morning, last night, even earlier this week I was just praying.  Praying for a quiet moment.  One where I didn't feel like I had to be "on."  One where I didn't even have to form words.  Just quiet.  (With a coffee or tea too of course.)

So last night I go to bed just empty.  No more requests, no more questions, no more statements from people who don't really know.  I'm desperate for the quiet and freedom that comes from just getting to sit and write.  Or run.  Or drink coffee.  

This is what I changed my Facebook profile picture to as an expression of that:

Humorous?  Yes.  True?  Indeed.  

When I woke up this morning, I was desperate for a quiet morning routine.  Coffee.  Running.  Writing.  All the good things.  

A kid was up when I rolled downstairs, with the TV on watching cartoons that make my skin jumpy. (A blog post on how I despise Pokemon?  Coming right up!)   A second one appeared shortly afterward.  Followed by a house guest, and then my husband.  

I'm hesitant to tell you, my first thought.  It was this:  
Ugh. We are all in this living room together.  Get you away from me!

I leave for the kitchen, telling my husband I'm going to write for a bit.  

Sometimes, when I can't find the celebration, I just read first.  And Ruth's words have resonated with me.  

And now I can celebrate:

While I was writing, this happened:

They congregated.  (The little one is trying to "toast his buns" by the way.  I'm just so proud.)

This blog post has taken twice as long to write.  I've joined in the giggles, the pouring of the milk, the chatting with my Mr., another cup of coffee.  We've made plans for the day, and I see it now:

I celebrate the congregating.  




  1. A 'turn' of feelings helps the day, seems as if the sun came up for you, Kendra. Love how you crafted from beginning to the end.

  2. I am glad that you found the celebration in the situation opposite to what you wished for. I hope you will find some quiet time this weekend.

  3. " Coffee. Running. Writing. All the good things. " These are things that make me smile too. The need to run away and hide in a locker for a while. Yes! I feel that need from time to time. But the need to connect with family (even with Pokemon in the background) is a celebration to hold on to. Thank you for taking us through your morning with this lovely post.

  4. Smile. Yes, the congregating. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Ruth's post inspired mine too! So glad you found time to read AND to giggle! Sounds like a great morning after all!