Saturday, December 3, 2016

Celebrate: An Open Letter to My Mustangs...

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All You Mustangs (And Friends),

On November 2nd, we woke up to one of the worst things that has ever happened in our city.  I'll just link that story here if you need to read it.  

Obviously school was cancelled that day.  I sat a lot and just stared at the news as it continued to develop.  That's not the healthiest way to spend a day after a tragedy, but I just couldn't believe that This was invading our neighborhood.  Our space.  

It's one thing to see these tragedies on the news and be moved.  It's another thing to have it happen in your 5 mile radius.  I'll never react to these news stories the same again.  

What was I going to say to you as a teacher?
What were we going to Do to make an impact?

Thursday came.  
Through my choked up voice, I told you that this was our time to share Jesus.
And you know what?
Those words didn't even sound futile as I feared they would.
What else were we going to do?

What can kids do, you ask?

Beautiful cards for Police Officers.
I'm not sure I'm ever taking off the thin blue line you placed on the back of my car.
I wear the t-shirts that were designed with pride.
And then the offerings started to come in.

In just about 3 weeks, you collected offerings.  Oh my, did you collect offerings.  
To our "Big Kids", you lead the charge on this.  It just blew me away.
I cried every time I saw an update on the offerings.

Maybe you don't know. 
The officers coming, were a bit of a surprise. 
The best kind of surprise. 
The kind of surprise you see mentioned in passing on the news.
Get in the car, we have to buy cookies surprise.
The officers did come.  
They were so humbled.  
I wish we could have stayed and chatted all day.
You can't imagine the amount of love they felt.  
Seeds of Friendship were planted this week.
I can't wait to see how you continue to serve our Police Officers.

I celebrate your servant hearts in the midst of a tragedy.  
I celebrate the healing you provided.
I celebrate the opportunity for new friendships.  



  1. This post touches my heart! Your question: What do we tell out students? When a tragedy is so close to home - it does change you forever. There are so many lines I want to lift and share with my students; however my favorite is "I celebrate your servant hearts in the midst of a tragedy. "

  2. Kendra,
    What a brave celebration you share! I'm sure each word took courage to write. I'm always enamored by the way Love can shine light into a dark tragedy. I'm so glad you wrote today. Thank you.

  3. Sad, moving, caring, powerful. The last three lines are mighty.

  4. It is so hard to find ways to help students in that kind of tragedy, yet if you ask them, and listen, they often show the way. It sounds like you and the students turned this into a profound experience, Kendra, a way to work out of grief into something good. I am sorry that this happened, for you and your community.

  5. In the midst of tragedy, faith is the light that guides us through. Kendra, what you provided for your students-support, guidance, relationships will stay with the forever. Stay strong.