Wednesday, August 30, 2017

#TellHisStory: On Being Refined.

I will bring that group through the fire and make them pure, just as gold and silver are refined and purified by fire.  They will call on my name, and I will answer them.  I will say, "These are my people, and they will say, "The Lord is our God."  Zechariah 13:9

I was reading this verse 2 days ago in the quiet morning.

It was like a whack over the head.

You see, it is about those experiences in the fire.  The ones that leave us bruised, battered.  And in my case needing a bag of chips and a long nap.

As Christians it is ridiculous to say all the things about suffering.  Oswald Chambers said it best, "It is nonsense to say that suffering makes saints, it makes some people devils; suffering according to the will of God raises us to a freedom and felicity that baffles all language to express."

I will state it again:  This isn't what God wants for you.  He delights in you.  He does Not Enjoy seeing you experience the fire.

When metal is being refined, we know that during the heating process, the impurities rise to the top, they are skimmed off the top.  Repeatedly.  Until, in the case of silver, the refiner bends over to see a clear reflection of his face.

So as Christians, what do we do?

  • We let God get to work.  How can he skim off those "impurities" from our lives?  What do we need to let go of so God can get to work?
  • How do we even know what that is?  We have got to get close to God to hear that answer.  Studying his word, Cooperating with Him in prayer, seeking out those Wise Ones that God has placed in our lives.  
  • Watch for His image to appear in the refining.  

I don't know if this post is complete or not.  Most likely not.  

But You are God's People.  Hang on My Friends.  


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