Saturday, September 9, 2017

Must Read in 2017: An Update!

Hello Dear Reading Friends!

It was good to have encouragement from the Must Read in 2017 to dust off the blog since school has started.

And I love reflecting on what I've read so far this year!  As I was thinking what has happened so far, I noted a few things:

  • I've completed 21 chapter books this year.  My goal was 20 for the entire year.  I've set a new goal of 30 for the end of the year.  I love being in a situation where I really feel like I can take time and read each day.  
  • I've also read whole stacks of picture books and cook books.  I don't track these, even though I consider it reading.  
  • I have only read 1 book from my book stack that included adult novels.  I've read so much middle grade and young adult.  I have a 12 year old avid reader, and it's just fun to browse stacks with him.  Adult reads will be there later.  
  • I've read more nonfiction than I thought I would.  
My list since April includes the following:

These two books were recommended to me by another teacher.  I read the first one, and then needed to read the second to find out what happened!  Fairy tales and high school intertwine.  I keep these in my books to read list to recommend to any 8th graders looking for a good read.  

23502557 This graphic biography was fantastic!  It was my 12 year old's first "grown up" read.  A great mentor text for biography writing.  Also, a great read on persistence and resilience.  

13513205 I saw a student at our school reading this book, and I may have squealed.  It was my first read of the summer.  


24345797 This book was a quick read.  It was perfect for me to enter summer with as well.  Second chances?  Yes please, all around!  

33027382I read this book in an afternoon on my sister-in-law's porch.  A confession:  I won't loan it out to people really because I love it so much. (Do you have books like that?) I keep pulling it out to refer to as I try a few new strategies this year to promote curiosity.

17722973So, I started this series.  And I can't stop reading it!  So the series went to the top of my stacks.  My 12 year old has read through this.  And it has encouraged one of his friends to do the same.  Spread the reading love people!  

31193387I have kids in my life who I'll be gifting this book to this year at all the holidays.  I also have it in the plan to get a copy to pull out from time to time in my own house.  As a mentor text, it would be a great mindset read.  

30653882So my 12 year old read 1-2-3 this summer.  Honestly, this series had been pushed to the side in my brain.  When he got done with 3, he came to me with a furrowed brow.  "That's it?!?!  There has to be more."  After a little research, we indeed learned there was more.  This is the concluding book of the series.  

31845516I marvel at how Glennon Doyle has so bravely shared her story.  A true storyteller.  
30653731I had seen many recommendations on social media about this read.  I'm so glad it picked it up!  I'm debating if it can be a read aloud for me this year.  I will for sure be recommending it to anyone who will listen.  

Right now I am reading:




  1. I loved The Wrinkle in Time graphic novel, now reading the graphic of The Graveyard Book. They bring the story to life again, don't they? You've read a lot this year from your list, Kendra. I've noted a few for my growing list! Glad to see you back!

  2. So wonderful that you are readjusting your goal to add more books! I loved A Boy Called Bat and am recommending it to many as a read aloud possibility for younger grades.

  3. I've read the first two in The Thickety series, so I should probably read more of it. I loved A Boy Called Bat. Unfortunately, The Land of Stories series never worked for me.