Tuesday, August 14, 2018

SOL: Run Like a Pirate Chapter 9: Day Three-My Husband


Have you purchased this book yet?
Do it.

After reading chapter 9, I couldn't help but think about how Mr. and I met.  

My favorite part of our meeting story, is our timing.  

As a junior in high school, I really thought I'd be headed out west to college.  A small college where my Mr. was in his Freshman year.  At this point, I have no idea he exists.  My mom and dad trekked out there with me.  The conversation with admissions went like this.  

A:  "Sometimes you have to have faith that the finances are going to work out."
My Dad:  "I have faith, but I also see the numbers.  This isn't going to work for us."  
(I didn't appreciate it then, but I Love my Dad.  And if you know him, you can hear him saying this.)

So.  Little did I know as I was making plans to attend a State U, Mr. was making plans to move back to attend the same State U.  (Remember, neither one of us knows the other one exists at this point.)

I absolutely believe in the timing of this.  

When we all landed at State U., I met him.  And I knew.  Even if it took another 12 months to get to the good stuff.  

My high school bestie, "You did not just find the guy you are going to marry."  Oh yes I did.

He just needed to date 1-2 more girls to figure it out.  
And I needed to date 1-2 more guys to figure it out.  

But the following summer, we figured it out.  
And we have been figuring it out for 21 years now.  

This picture is from the best birthday party I've been at in awhile.  

He's pensive.  But if you earn his trust and know what he's thinking!  
He's wise.  
He is a great running partner. 
He loves to read.
He's funny.  Don't blink or you might miss it.  
He loves his family in an unwavering way that let's us all take chances.  


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  1. Thank you for sharing! I love Adam Welcome and have been looking forward to this book!