Saturday, May 24, 2014


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See this stack of paperwork?  All I need to do is have it filed for the students.  It's been analyzed, reported, saved, and shared.   

There are still 7 days of school left.  This means we get to work together in the last few days, and linger in our learning.  Instead of stacks and spreadsheets, I can focus on poetry and projects with the students!  

I'm hopeful the week is like the party/dinner/book club that you want to go on for just a little longer.  

(And my family at home won't have a crazy mom/wife dedicated teacher parked in front of her laptop all week.  They will get to have a more relaxing week as well.)  

I hope you are celebrating too!  




  1. There is something magical about realizing the end is near. It's a long way off for those of us in NY, so it's fun to hear about those of us who are on the "early shift" as far as summer vacations!

  2. Love hearing that the 'stack' is just for filing. For us, the final 2 weeks are coming, but for the core teachers, it'll be another week of writing evaluations. When I was there, it was like a journey through the year, but just takes a long time. Hope your family will get you back soon! Have a good weekend, too!

  3. Here is to the days of summer when all can rejuvenate and reconnection with family can happen. Enjoy those last days of school!

  4. EnJOY your last week!
    I laughed at the crazy mom/wife! I so get it!

  5. Here's to finishing the paperwork and to poetry and projects that will fill the last days of school. Enjoy the bit more relaxed week.

  6. Good luck and wishing you wonderful family time! We have so many roles as teachers/Moms/Wives - we all deserve to be a little crazy!

  7. My summer officially started today! I just need to go back and pack up my room. Enjoy these last seven days! I love the thought of lingering in your learning!