Saturday, August 2, 2014

Celebrate! August 2nd

Discover. Play. Build.

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I'm celebrating some familiar stories.  

However, with the growing kids, comes the ability to run with them in our family. And I celebrate that.   
From our run on Friday.  He's asking about running more races, running in high school (Wait?!?! What?!?!?!)  and when can he do longer races with mom and dad.  (Soon enough Buddy).   Oh my heart sings that we are doing an activity I love together, and he seems to really enjoy it.  

Here he comes today to meet me with more fruit snacks.  :)  Be still my heart you little runner you.

2.  Modern Amenities

This pile of dirt is all that remains of a 5 hour power outage on Tuesday.  I'm celebrating the beautiful weather we had (I sat outside and read), and the fact that this is an adventure for us and not the norm.  At times like this, it calls me to reflect on how I can be using what I have to serve others more.  

3.  Quiet Time

My nest for reading and writing.

When Ruth told the story of her summer, she was essentially telling mine as well.  Everything has turned into an unexpected adventure, and it didn't go at all like I envisioned.  So, in these last days of summer, I'm celebrating that I am getting some days to read and write and reflect.

What are you celebrating this week?



  1. Family run sounds fun. What a great idea to have everyone be active!

  2. Your final words are mine, too, although it involved lots of trips with grandchildren, and one because of a grandchild's accident. These final days are "finally" quiet & I can begin to prep for the beginnings. Love hearing about your running, Kendra!

  3. Finding time to spend with your family as well as that precious quiet time to read, write and reflect are so important. It's so nice that you and your son have found running together to be so enjoyable.

  4. Summer as an unexpected adventure - I like how you look at a summer that didn't go as you envisioned. Glad to know that this adventure ends with some quiet time to relax, read, write and reflect. Cheers to the growing runner in your family.