Sunday, August 10, 2014

#pb10for10 Top Ten New Books I Checked Out at My Public Library

Picture Book 10 for 10 Day is one of my favorite blogging days!  Thanks to Cathy (@cathymere) at Reflect and Refine and Mandy (@mandyrobek) at Enjoy and Embrace Learning for hosting.  I always find lots of great new titles to add to my TBR pile.  

This year, I have tried to use my library card more and my credit card on Amazon less.  And, when I have done some book shopping, I've tried to shop at independent bookstores more.  (Check out Kendra's #pb10for10.)  My public library has several shelves -- nonfiction, juvenile fiction, and picture books -- where they display their new books.  Big B, Little C, and I always check out these shelves first on our weekly library trips.  The books even have little green "New" stickers on them!  New books = happy heart.  Here's my Top 10 list of new books I checked out from my public library.

The Most Magnificent Thing
Endless possibilities with my favorite picture book of the year.  It's one that I read and then decided to must own it.

Going Places    
Beautiful illustrations with a beautiful story.  I found myself recommending this to colleagues that I know are passionate about creativity.

Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library
I love books about books and book-lovers.  I didn't realize that Jefferson helped to rebuild the Library of Congress with his collection of books.  Lots of great quotes inset in the illustrations!  

E-I-E-I-O: How Old McDonald Got His Farm with a Little Help From a Hen
This was fun to read aloud because of the rhythm.  I think it was wonderful for my kids to think about where our food comes from and our backyard garden.

Stunning book that explains an abstract science concept!  We reread this a few times to really absorb the illustrations.

Buddy and the Bunnies: In Don't Play with Your Food
Fun to read aloud!  Bob Shea is one of my favorite authors for my young readers.

Salina Yoon is an author I recently discovered.  We checked out several of her books from her library, including two from the New shelf.  This was our favorite!  It reminded me of Knuffle Bunny Free, and the teacher in me thought it couldn't help but think about using it to model making text-to text or text-to-self connections.  Big B and I spent a long time studying the end papers!

We got this book from library on Friday afternoon, and I have read aloud this book at least 10 times in the last 36 hours.  Little C has read the pictures at least 10 more times.  Oh, the giggling! (In fact, as I write this post, she's peeking over my shoulder yelling the title, laughing, and pretending to be cold.)  

Tea Party Rules
I may have squealed with excitement when I saw this book on the shelf.  I was so excited to read it after seeing it on Twitter and several blogs.  LOVE this fun friendship story!

Tools Rule!
Big B and I enjoyed the word play in this one.  Great teamwork message!

Happy reading!



  1. As I've looked at lots of blogs this afternoon, The Most Magnificent Thing has popped up several times. I'm going to have to buy that one. I also wrote down Going Places, and I've gutted my teacher desk this afternoon to have a Maker Space. (I'm so nervous!) That was a lot of thinking in your comments space. Thanks! :)

  2. Yay for libraries. I celebrate them all the time! Great titles here. I know for sure I want to read Chin's books for a future post on my blog. Thanks for sharing!