Sunday, August 10, 2014

#pb10for10 Top Ten Books I Purchased at An Indie Book Store

Cathy Mere and Mandy Robek have brought us #pb10for10.
Cathy's blog is here.  Mandy's blog is here.  Thank you for hosting all of us! 

 I was encouraged and reminded several times this spring and summer about buying local.  For me, it's about leaning in and getting to know the stories of the people in the community.  So this summer, I made the commitment to myself to spend the money locally.  All the picture books that I bought for school, home, or other use were purchased locally!  

As I share the books with you too, I also wanted to share the names of the shops I purchased them at as well, so you can check them out if you get a chance.  

From Chapters in Seward, Nebraska.  (

This is a beautiful book.  I adore the illustrations.

When a worker found out I was a teacher, from Iowa, we connected immediately.  She brought this book right to me.  It takes a trip down Y-31, a real county road in Iowa.  Even living in Iowa, the schema and background knowledge needed to understand this book fully is amazing.  The possibilities for conversation are endless.  And the illustrations are stunning.  (Can you tell the farm has my heart?  I Love this book!)

From Bookbug in Kalamazoo, Michigan (

Enter #nErDcampMI.  Annie and I both blogged about this awesome experience several times.  There were other nerdcampers there as well, and it was a delightful time.

Having what I believe is a tiny ninja in our house sometimes, Li'L T connected with this book immediately.  Ninja sneaks up on the dog, sneaks cookies, sneaks away from Granny's kisses.  Is there anything that can stop this ninja?

Peter Brown is a genius.  I wish he could have been in my classroom last year with my special friends.  He would have connected with all of them.  I can't wait to read this book with my new friends right away in just a few days.

From Beaverdale Books in Des Moines, Iowa.  (  

The owner was so patient with us.  I made my family come with me on a Friday afternoon, just to see what this bookstore was like.  We spent a ton of time in there!  (And we bought more than one book of course, but for this blog, here's the most important one.)


This is a beautiful calming book that I've been looking for!  From the strong smart female, to a lesson on following your dreams, to the idea of sitting and observing your surroundings; I cannot get enough of this book.

From The Book Store in Des Moines, Iowa (

A note about this store:  When I told my husband we were going to shop there, his first words were, "It's so small!"  Small, but mighty.  I wanted to take pictures of his stacks and boxes of books everywhere, because I loved it so.  It was our first time in, I didn't want to seem like a weird, crazy book lady.  (Wait....what?!?!)


Be still my heart, when Li'l T holds this book up as if he's found gold.  (I'm still struggling with his love of Captain Underpants.)  Of course this beautiful book came home with us right away.


I mean who wouldn't?  A great story about playing pretend.  And I'm a first grade teacher.  I love Mo!

I've loved this book for a long time.  Showing Fergus as a good dog, even when he's just being...well...a dog.

2 books that came home with me sometime, and I can't remember when or where; but it was one of these stores.  :)  Find a local book store and play along!  


A heartwarming and lovely story about making new friends, and treasuring your "old ones".  Perfect for the beginning of the school year.


I love Beekle.  He's an imaginary friend waiting to be discovered.  After being overlooked again and again, he takes off on an adventure.  Tonight, as I was reading Twitter, Dan Santat suggested this would be a great read aloud in the first few days of school.  I agree.  Amazing idea!

So, the top ten books from the indie book stores I visited this summer.  This tiny experiment/adventure taught me to take time to see my community, or whatever community I'm in.  It's also challenged me to consider where else in my life I can spend more money locally.



  1. Really cute collection - love Beekle!

  2. So glad T enjoyed Ninja, Ninja, Never Stop!

  3. Kendra,
    I love love love this idea! What a smart tribute to Indie Bookstores --- and an important reminder for each of us as we purchase new titles from this event. I enjoyed seeing the location of the bookstores where you purchased new titles. I saw Mo Willems' new book, "My New Friend is So Fun," a few weeks ago. It's another one students will love.

    So glad you could join the event again.

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Like Cathy, I love your tribute to independent bookstores. I make a point of buying at least one book a month at Tattered Cover, our indie in Denver. After looking at your list, I need to go buy at least four new books! Thanks much!

  5. I love that you support your local independent bookstore! Thank you! I'm trying to make a pledge to shop at one every month- other than where I work.