Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#sol14 I Love Firsties. For Real.

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Oh My Slicing Friends, I love the quote on the Two Writing Teachers post today.  I am missing writing as a writer as I pursue some graduate school goals.  So I fought back today, and I Am Writing; because while I try not to give away my entire classroom story, these are good ones that need to be shared.

2 Reasons Why I Love My Firsties More Than Ever:

1.  Today, as we are greeting each other in the Morning Meeting, the following exchange takes place before I could prompt or intervene:
Student B:  "Buenos Dias Student A.  Happy Tuesday"  (Extends hand for a hand shake.)
Student A:  (Silent for a minute.  Student A is looking for the words to produce, because that is a goal; producing language.  You could see the panic in the face.)
Student B:  (Leans in close to Student A and smiles).  "It's okay, just say 'Good morning' to me."
Student A:  "Good Morning Student B.  I like you."  

And Friends, not a giggle or a whisper took place as we waited for the language.  Just a matter of fact-we are here to help-vibe and off we went to start our day.  These Firsties take care of each other.   That makes my heart sing!   

2.  See picture below:

While it looks like a clump of Firsties; what you can't see is the one in the middle reading to everyone while we finish cleaning up the classroom.  

Of course, we have goals and things to get done.  But I Love These Firsties.  For Real.  

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  1. What a sweet, sweet story, trying so hard to do their best. I started my teaching with the firsties, & they will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for the big smile, Kendra.