Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#sol14 My Mission: That part in the middle...and staying true to the Mission

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In August, I wrote this mission after some 7 Habits training:

Lean in.  Reach out.  Help.  Thrive.  Be Strong.  Love all.  Commit.  Spread Joy.  Stay Rooted and Growing in Faith.  I'm Enough.  Pet Dogs.  Take care of Family.  Create.  Innovate.  When it's time, say no.  Have a soundtrack.  Dance in the kitchen.  Cook good food, then share it.  It's okay to take care of yourself.  Run far, even when it's slow.  Write. Share.  

Then Fall Started.  (Notice...not School...Fall.)

And I think I'm losing sight of somethings.  As I reread, it's important stuff.  Everything in there is me.  

What do you do to take care of yourself?  How do you stay true to what you really want to accomplish?  

Do you offend if it's necessary?  (I don't like the sound of that--what is it I'm really asking?)  

Do you have a mission?  Want to share it?  

And as I type, is this a better mission?  I'm Enough.  You Are Too.  Let's Dance.  (That just came out...tell me what you think!) 



  1. Love your mission. Sometimes we move away from our missions but the fact that you have one is great.


  2. Hmm. You made me think. I have not written a mission for myself. I haven't even thought about it. I think both of your missions are good. I like that dance is included. I suggest putting "write" back too. I'm enough. You are enough. You are right about that.

  3. Like Terje, I hadn't thought of writing a personal mission, Kendra, but I love the idea! What an inspiration :-) Thanks for sharing!

  4. I've often thought of it as a philosophy but guess they're the same thing. I like your thoughtfulness, even after writing, you're wondering if it's okay, or enough. Nice to ponder.

  5. I LOVE your mission, and it definitely makes me think about what should be my own. I really like your thought provoking questions as well. Thanks for sharing.