Saturday, August 8, 2015

Celebrating Enough Summer.

Dear Friends, Every week  Ruth Ayres provides a space at to link up and celebrate!  Join in and Celebrate with us.  

Ahem.  Once again, I'm blowing the dust off the blog, and reaching out to celebrate.  As I was typing this part, I was talking to myself like this:  "Ugh.  You didn't blog enough this summer.  You didn't connect enough this summer."  Always a reflection as we head into August and gear up for a school-year schedule.  

Isn't it so easy to feel like we didn't do Enough?  

So I'm celebrating what I accomplished this summer.  It was Enough.  And I'm working on settling back into a routine involving more writing and connecting. 

We survived the great Graduate School Work of 2015.  I still maintain my belief if you accomplish grad school and care for Any people, tiny or otherwise, you get a boost in your GPA.  

I'm setting up a new classroom.  One that hasn't been occupied fully for at least 2 years.  Lots of treasures to sort through and the time needed to make the space my own.  I'm going to try and post a video later for my friends to see if you are interested in this change.  

Running 30 miles a week.  I celebrate the health that is required to do that!  I'm still debating if racing is necessary; or if the miles are enough.  

Family and Friends.  We spent so much time eating lunches, driving to farms, lingering over coffee/tea/beer, it was simply glorious.  

We organized and held a 5K.  It was small, only about 60 participants.  But my 10 year old had this vision, and I adore a Church Community that worked together to make it happen.  We collected over 260 pairs of socks for our 1st Annual Sock Scamper.  Another post will be coming on this soon!

I celebrate that the blogging community is flexible and awesome!  I'm looking forward to reconnecting with you!



  1. Kendra, you are one busy person. Thanks for taking the time to write and share.

  2. I celebrate with you your summer accomplishments!

    My Celebrate Today

  3. I can relate to clawing at the end of summer and feeling like I didn't get enough done. I think this is a normal teacher dilemma. I love how you turned your thinking around and focused instead on what you did accomplish. You are inspiring me to focus on that instead of my list of unfinished items. Great job on the running. I have been biking a lot lately, and I hope to carry over some healthy habits into the school year. Best of luck to you. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Are you kidding?! It sounds like you certainly did "enough"! ;-) You have a lot to celebrate!! I actually think taking a little break from blogging is healthy and revitalizing. It gives you time to collect new ideas and experiences to share. :-)

  5. I think the title of your post is just right. Summer is a perfect time to deviate from the norm and be filled with the sunshine and all it affords.