Thursday, August 6, 2015

#pb10for10 Books that are Helping Me Start Over. (AKA How Libraries Help...)

Thank you to Cathy Mere and Mandy Robek for encouraging us and organizing us in this August celebration!  It's one of my favorite things to participate in!

First, a story about a girl who stepped out after 15 years in one place.  This summer I've been working on starting over in a new first grade classroom across town.  With that has come a wide range of emotions from, "Holy Sh*&! What have I done?!?!?"  to "This is going to be awesome; Watch Out World!"  Today I'm more on the Awesome end.  :)  We can chat more about that range of emotions next week.  ;)

My new position has taken me to a new neighborhood in town.  We've spent the summer lingering about, and we've found the most beautiful library.  Funny, it's that library that has been a tool for helping me transition to a new place.  I nearly squealed with delight when I saw the section that had new releases.  I squealed more when I saw books that my Teacher Librarian had read to my first graders over the years.  The library was the first place on this side of town that we felt at home.  Just yesterday my youngest and I were perched on a stool together looking at nonfiction together.  I could have sat there all day. (WE=myself and my 2 sons, who are also transitioning to Mama's new school.)  

Anyway, I've been reminded this summer how libraries are really the heart of a neighborhood.  If your community has one, be sure to support it!  

Here are 10 Picture books we've found at the library that will certainly show up in my new classroom.  Which is really helping me start over and bringing me that sense of Awesome.  

Really, I squealed a bit when I saw this one.  If that was you walking by, I'm sorry I startled you.  :)

Li'l T found this book wildly funny.  It would make a great read aloud!

Such a clever book!  

We are loving this series at home.  The new section of this library has a place for non-fiction too!

This alphabet book is a great way to show first graders how to play with words.  

Beautifully written.  

This wordless book has tremendous art work.  

An enjoyable book for reviewing manners.  

Not a new book, but one of my favorite books to hear as a read aloud.

More non-fiction.  Li'l T has spent a lot of time just lingering in this text.  We've enjoyed learning why animals do what they do!

As the summer has progressed, we are finding more restaurants, parks, trails, shops, etc.  But as we make our trek into our new space each day, we won't forget this library and how it was the first place we felt at home.  



  1. Thanks for sharing your list. Good luck in your new position!

  2. A great pile of picture books will definitely help with the transition! Best of luck and happy reading! I want to read "New Shoes" and wondering if it can be paired with other 'shoe' favorites (like "Those Shoes").

  3. Absolutely love the New Books section at the library! That's where many of my books were discovered too. Your students will fall in love when you start sharing these titles. Good luck!

  4. Finally getting to read some of the #PB10for10 lists, Kendra. I love your library story. I live a block from my library & love it a lot! Thanks for these books, some new to me, will find them. I can't resist bear books, so A Splendid Friend Indeed is going to be found fast, especially since you said it was an old favorite.