Sunday, September 20, 2015

Celebrate 100!

Dear Friends, You can celebrate too!  Link up at  I thank Ruth for sharing her space with us. 

At the pace of life, I promised myself I would blog today!  (It's still today--celebration #1!Almost-then a handsome 10 year old showed up and wanted to watch "our show" together. Once Upon A Time. I say, "yes" to all of his requests for time together.)

This is such a gentle space, a place to reflect and see the good that is in life, in the classroom, everywhere.  

I was inspired to use Ruth's top ten list as mentor text to connect to the quiet celebrations.  The ones that are worth having.  The ones without fanfare.

1.   A lightened load when my husband returned home from Connecticut to Iowa via Atlanta.  Phew!  This time his absence was really felt, and it was hard.  I'm sure I said 40,000 words on the way home from the airport last night.  

2.  Simplicity.  
The kids in the front row?  Some of my students.  Singing in the choir on an open house night.  This captures them simply as who they are.  And man do I love them.  

3.  To unwind.  It's been a long week.  As I write tonight, I have a small plate of nachos and honey chamomile tea by my side.  (Weird combo?  Yes.  But if you know me, this is a little bit of perfection for me.)

4.  Unhurried.  Funny.  Last night I was reading this article from Relevant Magazine.  I marked it for later to return to and reflect on.  These reminders to slow down keep showing up.  Hmmmmm.  I'm learning that people in ministry don't do that very well, which is interesting to me.  Because it's what everyone is called to do.

5.  My story is NOT hard even at my worst.  I am still given much to celebrate.  My heart is still heavy over the loss of a former student.  He was 13.  Cancer is Mean.  His beautiful Mama writes here.
It's worth logging in for the read.  It's heart wrenching and completely honest.  It reminds me, even today, that we were made to be Joyful.  I'll keep aiming for that joy everyday.

6.  Rewriting my story?  I don't know exactly what to celebrate yet.  I am in this new position, and don't feel settled yet.  I'm in the middle of the story.  But I know it's being rewritten and think I'll hang around to see what happens.  :)

7.  I celebrate Hope.  When stories are being rewritten, when purposeful celebration is taking place, when the celebration is a whisper.  There is Hope.  

8.  I celebrate the connections I've made through blogging.  I love hearing your ideas.  You are brilliant, reflective educators who are making a difference!  That is worth celebrating always.

9.  We've been called out of darkness into this marvelous light!  We can celebrate because we are called to! That pulls us to celebrate.  I find myself looking for the joyful pieces in all situations.  Sometimes it is natural.  Sometimes it is purposeful.  

10.  Celebration makes a difference.  You dear friends have made a difference in my life!  I reflect on your words often, and it has changed who I am as an educator and as a person.  Thanks for that.  You matter!



  1. Kendra, I think I could respond and celebrate each one of this ten with you. It's a wonderful list, and thanks too for that article. Slowing down to savor the time is an important aspect of life, yet society doesn't always support that, does it? I am sorry to hear about the loss of your former student. Losing a child is the saddest loss. Hugs to you and all his family. I'm glad you're settling into your new position, best wishes in it, and for a great coming week. Thanks for number ten!

  2. Kendra, celebration, hope, and positivity is what gets us through the hard "stuff" like Sam's death. It is what makes us difference when we are filled with doubt. Thank you for the article and for your honesty at how celebration makes a difference.

  3. Kendra,
    I'm honored that you used my list as a mentor and BLESSED by your list. It is true the rewriting a story isn't always easy...but I believe it does always turn out beautiful. Thanks for celebrating.