Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dusting off the Blog...Again...And a Brain Dump with Missing Juju.

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1.  I miss blogging.  I'm writing a lot for graduate class, but it's just hard to manage both.  I'm so happy for December 9th to come quickly.  (I'll have a Master's Degree then.)  :)  I miss letting the ideas come and then taking time to blog them out.  (Still keeping lists and notebooks.)

2.  Who has changed jobs before?  A wise friend told me a year before I feel like I have my "Juju" in my new place.  That seems very far away.  I need my "juju" back.  :)  I feel like I have no idea what is going on. It's really unnerving.  Everyone is nice and lovely, and I Adore the work and the place I'm at.  Growing pains?  Missing Juju?  Who knows.  I just feel out of sorts.  What is that?

3.  I've been playing the piano a ton.  I play for Chapel tomorrow for the first time.  I haven't played in front of anyone for 15 years.  Whoa.

4.  My class LOVES books.  Loves them.  I adore this.  They are learning what is awesome about Elephant and Piggie this week.

5.  My class is small.  12 kids small.  They make just as much noise as my class of 26 did last year.  I kind of like it, but I'm not sure that kind of noise is welcome where I'm at.  (You know, like where's my juju?  Last year noise wouldn't have even been an issue!)

6.  My family is playing a crazy amount of soccer this fall.  All my kids are scoring goals and that's just really fun to watch.  :)

7.  I had a run last weekend that made me feel like I had my running juju back!  Certainly more minutes to tick off, but we are getting there finally!  I've learned that if I'm going to run with a running app-there is a certain split I need to achieve to feel good about the run.  Misguided?  Probably.  True?  Yes.

8.  I'm messing with math again.  Stay tuned.

Alright friends, let's have a discussion.  What's on your mind?  Is your Juju okay?  :)

Joy!  (And I can't stop saying juju...sorry about that...)


  1. Dear Kendra, some of your 'juju' is definitely there, & more may return after December with that degree. I'm in a very different place with retiring, but I do understand about the 'juju', still looking, too. Love hearing about that class of 12, awesome number!

  2. Your post has such great energy. I don't think your writing juju is missing! (And what a great word that is!)

  3. Your post has such great energy. I don't think your writing juju is missing! (And what a great word that is!)

  4. juju. Now I want to say it a lot. :-) I'm missing some for sure... with this crazy start to the school year... and we are putting our house on the market too... so too much going on... no room for juju! :-) I'm jealous of your run though... I haven't gone on a run in way way too long... hoping for this weekend...