Monday, June 27, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

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Happy Monday!

We've been dealing with this HOT week by spending lots of time at the library!  (And pool...but library!)
I always check out a stack of picture books.  I have an incoming second grader that always wants to be reading chapter books to keep up with big brother.  Not a bad thing, but I also can see his frustration when he doesn't finish books as fast as Big Brother. (And I don't want to discount his emotions, but let's save our frustrations for something else!)  As a teacher and a mama, I think a good picture book stack can encourage readers to see the beauty and stories.  Here's our stack for the week:






I also got some books for me:



I've been wanting to read Echo forever.  I've even almost purchased it several times.
The Thickety is a gripping trilogy.  I am really enjoying the story line.



  1. I won a copy of I Love You Already! from GoodReads and it is adorable. It's from the same authors as Goodnight Already! (which I also loved) Super Jumbo is funny and cute and I also loved Echo! Don't let the length of Echo discourage you, it reads really fast and it's absolutely beautiful. I've had Little Bird's Bad Word and Wendell the Narwhal on my To Read list for a while, but still haven't gotten to it. I've just added Tea Rex - it looks like a fun book. Hope you and your family have an awesome reading week!

  2. I was completely kerflummoxed by Echo. I just can't see it being something that my students want to read, even though all the adults I know who read it loved it. Perhaps I should give it another go...

  3. I want to read more picture books. These on your stack look like good ones.

  4. I hope you enjoy Echo. It's great. Glad to see your list for your incoming 2nd grader. I have a stack for my granddaughter, too. She loves the early chapter books, so we found some different ones at the library. Keep cool, Kendra. It's hot here too!

  5. Echo was one of our favorites books - If you have a chance, listen to the audio. The way music is woven into the story is beautiful.

  6. I always recommend picture books to my older kids, too - kids can feel pressure to read at a certain level all the time, but sometimes you just need the comfort and laughs that only a great picture book can bring! :)

  7. I love this pile of picture books! There was a time when picture books were read more by older readers, but unless their teachers assign a project, it is mostly the younger students who read them. I've been contemplating giving The Thickety series a go and am glad that to hear that it is good. I loved the audio version of Echo. The book is so much about music, that being able to actually listen to it as the story progressed adds so much to it.

  8. I love your stack of picture books! Lots of great ones there! I think Jory John is so talented!