Tuesday, June 21, 2016

SOL: A Summer Reading Frenzy


Link up at www.twowritingteachers.wordpress.com.  We are so grateful for this community. 

Especially this summer.

No job changes.  No graduate work.

We really get to have a summer.

This means I'm at home, with 2 boys all the live long day.

They are so cool.  I love that we are able to have some good adventures.  (pool, hiking, biking, friends, etc.)

They also happen to be readers.

I love that I can say "they."

It's been a journey.  The Oldest has always embraced books.  The Youngest?  It was more of a journey.

At the end of May, Oldest approached me and asked if we could do a reading competition.
No prizes, no rewards, just bragging rights for the most minutes.

Oh.  I'm all in.

(He's totally blowing me out of the water.)

Last week, the Youngest decided he wanted in on the action.
Be still my heart.

So we read.  Keep track of our minutes.  That's all.
They love seeing the spreadsheet grow in minutes.
I love watching them read when they don't think they have anything to do.

Oldest just put this one in my pile:


I also caught him thumbing through this one in my pile:


Youngest is digging into Magic Tree House and Puppy Place.
He'll also read a pile of picture books if I put them out.  (Don't tell anyone though...)
(Because I believe in reading picture books and not rushing into chapter books.)

I know there are a million ways to encourage summer reading.  This is working for us.  Calling it a "Frenzy" was all it took.

How is your summer reading going?



  1. This is an amazing idea!!!! I LOVE it! So happy your family is "Frenzying" with books with the reward of.... enjoyment and a few bragging rights. :) Nothing better than old fashioned competition.

  2. How fun! It is wonderful that your boys embrace reading. I'll have to keep this in mind too if I need book recommendations for boys. I'm sure they would have a list ready in no time. Good luck with your frenzy!

  3. Sounds very fun, Kendra. I love hearing that it was your oldest's idea, too. That makes it even better! Happy Reading!