Saturday, February 1, 2014


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Okay.  Let's begin by celebrating the fact that I have a bathroom to clean up when hypothetically one of the children decides to flood the toilet.  Just saying...hypothetically.  (It only took me 3 hours to be able to type that sentence!) 

But this was a good week.  Quiet.  But good.

Celebrate Rest.
I rested this week.  It felt good.  Early bedtimes.  Quiet nights.  I slept until 7:00 A.M. this morning.  (Which is practically the middle of the day for me.)  It was a restful week.  

Celebrate the Unexpected.
Nothing fancy here.  Our laptop refresher course ended a bit early.  So 3 friends headed to Noodles and Company.  After that, a bit of shopping.  (Where I found awesome deals on the clearance rack!)  I also had the chance to help a friend look at dresses for her daughters.  I'm in a house of boys, so this is fun for me!  There was also a bit of uproarious laughter and a few stories exchanged when we realized that 80's fashion is back.  (acid wash and all...)  I loved this unexpected break from the daily routine.  

Celebrate the 100th Day of School.
We've had some fun this week in first grade celebrating the 100th day.  My little friends have grown so much!  These past two weeks have been amazing for them!  We have much to celebrate!  

I hope you are celebrating too!  

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