Saturday, February 8, 2014


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Celebrate #nerdlution

This week continues to be a good #nerdlution week.  Our house is slowly becoming organized.  This week one of my own children noticed a section of the house!  "Mom!  We have so much tape!"  Each day I'm working on throwing away and cleaning out things that we don't need.  It's really starting to impact how we function.  I'm not a naturally organized person, so this is exciting for our family.

I'm also loving the connection with my staff this week at school.  I'm starting to look for people that I don't connect with daily and think about what I enjoy about them.  It's just been lovely to connect.  

Celebrate Good Meetings

There were a couple of good meetings this past week that I sat through.  I love exchanging ideas.  (I could do that all day long.)  I love having people around me that can make those ideas into something purposeful.  From these meetings I have some new ideas to try, and some new books to read.  (Another blog post for another day...)  

Celebrate Good Food

In my secret-dream-life-where-I-can-do-whatever-I-want-and-it's-magical, I drive a food truck and serve good food to lots of people.  In this magical place, it's not hard work, and my kitchen is always clean and organized and the kids love whatever I've made.  The unicorns fly, and I sing in tune along with the radio too.  

But seriously.  Dinner can be hard.  I do love to cook, but sometimes, you just need dinner done.  And it needs to be healthy and fairly quick.  So I made this gnocchi dish and this potato soup.  Both were pretty good, and both were eaten by the masses in this house.  The gnocchi dish actually saved me from calling my husband and asking for a drive through meal.  A celebration!  

Here's to more celebrations this week!  

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