Thursday, February 6, 2014

#nerdlution goals--an update

I really want to blog about how cold it is this morning.  But I won't.  Let's look at some #nerdlution progress shall we?

1.  Notes of encouragement to others each day.  

Last week, I had written to only my husband in the spirit of this great guy getting the best of my energy in something during the school year.  That was great, but I realized after watching some staff members and how awesome they are too, it was time to reach out!  So at the beginning of this week, I started writing to people in my school.  

An unintended consequence of this?  I had the opportunity to have some great conversations with people afterward and see some really big smiles.  How often do we rush through a conversation at school because there is so much to do?  (I'm guilty, and raising both hands at this one.) I started with some people that I consider myself closer to, and then now I'm searching and thinking of people that I'm not as connected to during the day.  

I've learned it doesn't take much.  It's also been such a blessing to think about the awesome people at our school, and what makes them awesome.  How many people in your life just need to hear a kind word or that they are doing a great job or what you enjoy about them?

2.  Dumping the clutter. (50 bags in 50 days)

It was a blessing (?!?!?!?!?) that someone in our family flooded a bathroom a bit this weekend.  This accelerated the throwing out of the clutter.  In this case, it was almost easier, because there wasn't a question of if we should save it or not.  This allowed me to get a jump start on our basement!  :)  

My husband noticed our "junk drawer" in the kitchen wasn't so junky any more.  And in my "study/working nest", I cleared out the drawers on the end of what used to be a dining room table.  Easy.  I'm starting to notice a small difference in the spaces in our house.  

I hope that you are finding success in your #nerdlution!  Stay with it, and look for the success, even if it's not perfect.  Have a great day!  



  1. I love that you are writing notes to people on your staff. That has to be such a nice surprise for them. I can imagine that there are lots of smiles as people open those notes.

    Ughh...on the flood. You're right, though. If it's ruined, there's no hard decisions about whether or not to keep it. We've been through that at our house.
    Have a great week!

  2. Kudos to you Kendra for clearing out the "clutter." Reducing paper piles is one of my #nerdlution goals as well! And those kind words, they sure can work miracles!

  3. I love how you turned a flood into a blessing! AWESOME!!!! And I love that you're writing notes to people. I think that will be a nerdlution for my next round! What a terrific way to say thank you and honor people! Loving reading your nerdlution post. Thank you for posting!!

    1. Oh Michelle! It took a few hours before I could see it that way, but I've been working on that. There was a fair amount of screaming and yelling before that. (And some emotional shopping afterward.) But there was no damage, and we are financially sound enough to replace what needed to get thrown. I've been working on perspective... :) Thanks for reading.