Saturday, September 6, 2014

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Dear Mom and Dad,

In First Timothy, in the Bible, there are some pointed verses about caring for the elderly in our family.  I can only imagine that Jesus was smiling when he watched you.  And He still does.  

You could have said it was too hard.  You didn't have time.  You could have said this was your time to retire, relax, retreat.  But you didn't.  

You took in each Grandmother and cared for them.  Made your home their home.  For almost 15 years.  15 years.  

It wasn't all cheese balls and bagel bites.  I watched as you dozed off in the chair and then Grandma would need help as she finished getting ready for bed.  The exhausting and mundane work that needed to be done each day must have been lonely, frustrating and unending at times.  

When she wasn't sure what to do next, I'm sure there was this patience that you had that only came from Jesus.  She was your mom after all, it's not like you could always tell her what to do.  Respect for your elders, leadership in your home, which way do you go next?  

There was beauty in the family members that would come and just sit with her.  Drive her to church.  Drink a coffee/soda/beer and enjoy some snacks together.  (That really is a family trait isn't it?)  

In this true picture of servant hood, you've taught us so much.  Don't give up on your family.  Jesus sees when no one else does.  Love your family.  Reach out.  Be strong.  Say Enough when you need to.  Pray.  Embrace the honesty of what is happening, but see the joy/humor/funny parts as well.  

Grandma rests with Jesus now.  Oh the smiling that is taking place, and the rejoicing that there is no more pain.  

Mom and Dad, I celebrate that this journey of getting to watch you serve has rooted me in Faith even more.  I'm so proud to call you my Mom and Dad, and the Grandparents of my children.  

Joy and Love Always,


  1. I imagine this made your grandma smile, too, Kendra. What a lovely tribute to your mom and dad.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful letter.