Thursday, September 11, 2014

So This Happened Today...

You Guys...  It was one of those days where a couple of things happened that I just had to share with you.

So grab your favorite snack. Here we go:

First-a "Hooray" moment of the day!  So I'm teaching a mini lesson (that I can't take credit for, if you originated this idea let me know, I'll give you a shout out because I can't find the original lesson at this time) about reading everyday.  We are connecting it to riding a bike.  We discuss the following:

If you ride uphill all the time, that's like reading books that are too hard.  You aren't really falling in love with reading if you are working this hard everyday.  

If you fly downhill all the time, that makes me think you might be reading books you aren't interested in and you'll miss stuff.  You might end up crashing, and then you aren't falling in love with reading either.  

If you find the perfect trail, that's where the fun happens.  It's like finding the perfect book.  You might keep going for hours!  (And you might stop and get ice cream!)  

And then Blogging/Twitter Friends, this happens:  Li'l Girl pops up and says, "Hey!  When you are on a great bike ride with ice cream, it's totally like reading the perfect book and reading everyday.  You are on a journey, and sometimes it's hard, but you love it so you keep going."  

I mean--I swear to you the skies opened and Angels sang for the next 45 minutes. Friends--we don't celebrate these awesome moments enough.  I hope you had one today.  Mine lasted 30 seconds.  But it felt like a lifetime.  

And then, as we are ready to journey into our reading time; a new friend arrived in 1C:

Yep!  Today, arrived unexpectedly this beta fish.  If you know me, I love my students so much, so of course I will move Heaven and Earth to keep this Nameless Friend alive. They are over the moon for this new friend. You also know that I'm terrified of having a living creature in my classroom--because you know--fish die.  Fairly easily.  My flowers from June are still alive, so I'm taking this as a good sign.  I'm also still carrying baggage from a gerbil that I had when I was 85.6 months pregnant with my first son.  :)  Breathe deeply for me. They are so excited.  

So-How was your day?  


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