Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Slice of Life: A July in Pictures.


Link up at www.twowritingteachers.wordpress.com.  We are so grateful for this community. 

I haven't sliced since the end of June.  As school starts up again, and I'm considering the writers in my classroom, I've been asking myself to sit down and write again.  

I was stuck today.  Then I remembered the importance of a writing community.  I'm so thankful for Michelle Haseltine for providing a slice that I could use as a spring board.  Check it out here:  A Slice In Pictures.

Why didn't I Slice in July?

Our family spent time with dear friends (and each other) on the 4th.  

We spent a week serving Jr. High kids at a church camp.  Next to a lake.  This was the view from the fire pit near our cabin.  If you asked me to move here, I might say, "Yes."  

 I worked with a dear friend to tie dye t-shirts with Jr. High kids.  They turned out great!  

Our washer and dryer finally died as I was finishing the last load of towels from camp.  My oldest son offered, yes offered, to help me bail water and wring out towels.  It was a week long process, that still isn't completely resolved.  But I can do laundry again, so that's a blessing!  

Griffin gave is a tiny scare in between our trips.  (After we bought a new washer and dryer.)  He simply had a bad case of gas.  But you wouldn't have known it by his sickness that night.  (Why yes, you are seeing 3 cones.  We Limbacks like to do things big...and there might be stubborn traits in our family.  I'm glad we have a puppy that fits in here.)

My sister-in-law was married.  What a fun, beautiful, joyous day!  The bride is not pictured here, but at this point we had been on a bus with a broken air conditioner for a couple of hours for pictures.  In St. Louis. At the end of July.  All of us in this picture are married to siblings.  We've dubbed ourselves the "Outlaws."  I'm so blessed to have amazing family.  And we are so happy because we are in air conditioning.  With water.  And nachos.  (Wedding parties change when you are in your 30s.  What can I say!?!)

As an educator, I've been on summer break since about May 20th.  I've rested, recharged, eaten good and not so good food.  I've lingered, worked, napped, read and ran.  I hope you have too!  

As I work on preparing for my students, I see that I've gathered stories.  I'm reflecting on how to encourage students to see that they have a story to tell as well.  As I look over these pictures, the one thing that comes to mind?  Blessings and Joy.  I could write for days on this...
Stay tuned...



  1. Yay! I'm glad you sliced and I'm honored that my slice inspired this beautiful collection of pictures! Wedding, church camp, a sick doggie...there's lots of living here. I'm so glad Griffin is ok. GREAT slice!

  2. This is a fun post. Yes, you have been busy and having fun! I love the way your pictures help tell your story. Blessings and joy, indeed. Thanks for sharing! ~Amy

  3. You've had yourself just the kind of summer you've needed - good luck this new school year!

  4. I've seen some of these, Kendra, & love seeing more of your fabulous summer. Such fun & even with the washer/dryer mishap, there is a celebration. Best wishes starting back!

  5. Blessings and joy shine bright in your slice! I really enJOYed reading your words and seeing your photos! Your family, including Griffin, rocks!