Friday, August 5, 2016

Play and Exploration in Nature

Alright my playing friends...Let's go Outside!

I'm listening to a conservationist from Dallas County here in Iowa.

Let's look at how Nature can be the ultimate teacher.

Ooh.  Right away he began to talk about what we do as educators to play.  

  • How do you rejuvenate?  My play comes in running, writing, and food with friends.  

So many games and ideas in this session.  Here are a couple of games that easily incorporate nature items.  They can be played inside and outside.  

Nature Checkers

You need a set of rocks as shown in the picture:

The bottom row has 6 rocks.  The next row up has 5 rocks, etc.

Each person takes a turn removing any number of rocks from any row.  

The rows are only horizontal, not diagonal.  

The object of the game is to get the opponent or the partner to take the last rock.  

What a great strategy game, a game to promote collaboration and problem solving.  

I also love that I can grab the rocks to day and be ready to play.

I also loved hearing about "sit spots."  Take the children outside.  Give them 10 minutes to sit, observe, and perhaps write or draw.  When they come inside use Morning Meeting time perhaps to share about what they saw and observed.  I even considered technology here.  How can students observe outside, and use devices to record and share what they've seen?  Where is the play here?  :)  I think it is in the authentic observation and child driven recordings and conversation.  

STEM and the Project Approach is up next. Stay tuned friends!


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