Thursday, August 4, 2016

From One Teacher Friend to Another and Let's Eat!

Dear Friends,

Oh my Stars.  It is August.  I love this time of year and my new teaching position.  It is allowing for creating and reflection.  All summer I've worked, but especially this week, my brain has switched.  You know.  I'm in full on creating a yearly plan for my students.  I've been writing and reading more.

But the wheels are falling off at home people.  Oh the transition.  You want to look away, but you can't.

This summer was glorious.

We did all the things.

We cleaned a little bit everyday so the house wouldn't get too messy.

The boys read.  They created.  They were helpful.  We ate fresh food.

As I dive back into school this week, I need to be honest dear friends.  The wheels crashed off our Bus of Summer Love and Fun immediately.  Exhbit A- Our house by lunchtime today:

Just keeping it real Dear Friends!  

I even said these words, "Did you ever eat lunch today?"  At which point, my 11 year old tried to take over the agenda for the rest of the week.  (Snapple, sausage and cheese.  #winning!)

"Mom, I think you need to do this..."

Bless it.  

I just giggled.  
Dear Friends, if you are wondering if you are alone in the wheels falling off as you transition back to school, you are not.  Let the adjustment of time management begin...

As you create and prepare for the upcoming school year in a brilliant fashion, things may be askew at home as you ask different things of yourself at this time of year.  

I want you to know:

You are brilliant.  

You are doing amazing work.

You aren't the only one.  

August is Awesome.

*Update.  (We started the morning with a clean house.  And I get to finish this blog post this morning, because I needed to sit in the driveway with my neighbors...priorities!)

Finally, I wanted to share a salad recipe that I enjoyed this summer.  It's for a Cheeseburger Salad.  This link has a lot of other information about some weight loss program.  I just skipped right over that and went for the food, thank you very much.  :)

My short cuts:  I used leftover grilled hamburger patties and a dear friend suggested Thousand Island dressing.  Yum.  Try to eat one before school starts if you like cheeseburgers.  :) 



  1. Lovely and encouraging thoughts, thank you! As someone who spent the summer pregnant (yay!) we never quite got to that place where the house stayed tidy over the summer, I'm holding onto the knowledge of all those good things and letting the rest go.

  2. I so loved this post. Thank you. School is coming in a few weeks...and you are reminding me of the joy in August!
    You are also reminding me that my house isn't the only one that gets topsy turvy when school is crazy! (The wheels went completely missing in the spring!) I would hug you right now for those photos. Thank you!