Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Little Extra Reading Magic

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Reading adds a little extra magic to Walt Disney World, a.k.a. The Most Magical Place on Earth.
Big B & Little C with Belle, a fellow book-lover
This summer, before leaving for our first trip to Walt Disney World, I purchased the Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters to use as an alternative to the traditional autograph book. (Thank you, Pinterest for the link to this idea!)  Big B enjoys the "encyclopedia format" of nonfiction, and I figured it would be less likely to just sit on a shelf.  Win, win.  

I packed coloring supplies and bubbles and downloaded apps like Heads Up to entertain us in line, but we rarely pulled these items out.  Lines=Reading Emergency.  Every time we had a few minutes in a character line, we whipped out the book and read about different characters.  We read the Maleficent page at least 28 times...I became very fluent.  Haha! Suprisingly enough, Little C liked to read about the villians, but absolutely refused to actually meet a single one,

In the line to meet Anna and Elsa, I looked up to see Little C listening and six little princesses reading along with us.  They had gradually scooted over and created a little reading circle, sitting and smiling together.  Perhaps it is because I miss my classroom reading community, but it was a magical moment for me.  No matter what, no matter where, kids love being read to.

My heart exploded each time I watched Big B and Little C meet a character.  (Mentally, I picture it growing three sizes like the Grinch and bursting out of my chest.)  Their smiles were filled with pure joy, and Little C was especially fascinated with meeting her favorite characters in real life. Little C would often show and talk to them about their picture in the book.  Donald Duck was excited to see he had a page to all by himself and declared that he was #1.  Little C informed Elsa she wanted ice powers so she could make a dress like she was wearing in the illustration.  Reading will forever be a part of those magical moments...which only further proves that, to quote Walt Disney, "there's more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure Island."



  1. Welcome to our writing community, Annie! I'm glad you're joining us.

    I have fond memories of going to Disney World as a kid. Some of my favorite moments were meeting those characters. Now I enjoy watching my daughter get that same thrill.

  2. Welcome to our community! I'm so glad you're joining us!

    This is a FANTASTIC idea which I'm totally stealing from you. I am the mom of two book-loving girls, ages 2 and 5. This is super smart. I love how you appreciated your tiny circle of readers. Always a teacher at heart. :)

  3. This post made my *heart flutter* for sure! I loved the idea of taking the book along to sign! I always have a book with me where ever I go in case I need to wait anywhere!
    Welcome to SOL!

  4. Welcome to the Slicing community! Lots of terrific people. I love the idea of taking using the Disney book for autographs! And I love that your daughter had a reading party with her new friends, right there at Disneyworld! Such terrific memories!

  5. Welcome to slicing, Annie. I love your story, the idea of the book, & those pictures are precious. I have 2 granddaughters, 5 1/2 & 3 1/2, both receiving Anna & Elsa dresses for Christmas. They would have been in your little reading circle too. Great slice!

  6. Yay! I'm so glad you shared this, and the story about the circle of princesses who wanted to hear what you are reading. What a great trip and experience for your family! I'm so happy you joined this community, Friend! It's amazingly supportive and awesome! Get some Too-Cold-But-To-Stay-Home-And-Read Time in today!

  7. Oh, I loved this journey you took me on! (And I'm totally stealing this idea when we visit Disney for the first time this next year!!!) *Pinning this page right now!


  8. What a great idea! I'm sure reading about the Disney characters made waiting in line to meet them that much easier. Thanks for sharing!