Saturday, January 31, 2015

Celebrate! Teachers in January.

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From this Teacher-Mama to Educators Everywhere:

Hold Strong.  You are Enough.  It's the end of January.  You may have endured:  inside recess, staffing changes, crazy state budgets, mandated testing and the scores that come with it, spreadsheets...this exhausting list could go on.  And it sucks sometimes.  

But two nights ago at dinner I asked 2 precious boys what they loved about school.  Once we got past Lunch and the definition of a chicken ring; here's what they said:

"I love projects.  I want to do more projects, so I work hard on math so I can do as many as possible.  I can create things.  Big Things.  She lets us create.  Let me show you a Russian dance."  (From a 10 year old boy who is beginning to enter the one-word-utterance-phase.)

"Computers!  I can do math on them."  (From a 6 year old who was so excited to let me know what he loved about learning I had to shush him because his brother was uttering more than one word; and I had to hear it.)  
Dear Teachers, we don't thank you enough.  For the time putting efforts in when you could have been with your family, on the couch, reading, sleeping...the list goes on.  For the time you put in to connect with all the students.  My Sons thank you when they are talking over each other to share about their days.  

For the work that is daily, important and often overlooked.  Let's face it--sometimes best practice often sits quietly in the background; and we don't see it.  

So often we remember you at Holidays and the End of the Year.  It's kind of funny really---"You change lives.  We show you our unending gratitude by giving cards for cheesecake."  

You are so much better than cheesecake. (Yes, cheesecake.)  There isn't enough cheesecake in the world to show you how much we celebrate you.  

Dear Teachers, I offer you Thank Yous and Love and Celebration here at the end of January.  There isn't enough of any of this to show you how much we celebrate you.  But I will say it anyway...Thank you for continuing to show love and consistency.  Here's some cheesecake.  :)  

Hold Strong!  You are Enough.  

XXXOOO and Lots of Joy!


  1. Wow!! What a beautiful thank you to teachers!!! What a beautiful moment between you and your sons. Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. Beautifully said! This is so timely for exactly how we all feel this time of year :-) By the way, I cracked right up at chicken rings.

  3. Love the 'recess' & 'chicken rings', Kendra, & the words are like a lovely hug. Thank you!

  4. Teacher appreciation in January - this big bright spot gives energy. Lovely celebration.

  5. Wow. Love this - - > "-sometimes best practice often sits quietly in the background; and we don't see it." Thank you!