Thursday, January 1, 2015

Late Day Blogging=An Assortment of Thoughts and Ideas on 2015.

In between the reading, and the moving from the couch to the chair for more reading, I peeked at Twitter.  And man, you guys have some great ideas!  I'm inspired just watching you process.  I too have been processing, and have a couple of thoughts to share here...consider it an unclogging of the traffic jam inside my brain.  :)  Here we go:

1.  My One Little Word:  Enough.

This word has been following me around now for awhile.

  • It's a part of my vision:  I'm Enough.  You are too.  Let's dance.  
  • I'm Enough because of Love.  You are too.  
  • I do Enough everyday.  (No more guilt!)
  • There is Enough Joy for all of us.
  • Get Enough rest, veggies, and exercise.
  • I can say Enough when I need to stop.
This has also resulted in some questions I can ask myself when things feel out of whack:
  • Are you with Your People Enough?  (The ones who love you the mostest...those are Your People.)
  • Are you organizing and preparing Enough for the day?
  • Are you saying Enough to technology when it's time?
If you are an educator (or a human) with family and friends, I think you understand when I say it's easy to feel like you aren't doing enough.  But you are.  Enough is a Celebration of who we are and what we do everyday!  

2.  #nerdlution15

It was #nerdlution that made blogging more of a hard habit for me.  I'm so glad-it allowed me to connect with educators I wouldn't have otherwise.  So, in the spirit of knowing I already do Enough, here is a goal to share with #nerdlution15 folks:
  • Continued daily writing.  I am well on my way to making daily writing a hard habit.  #writedaily30 helped with that immensely.  Daily writing means more than a to-do list.  It's been really fun to see what has come from that.  I want to keep this momentum going.  

3.  Finally,  A Reading Plan.

Now, Goodreads was an awesome find for me in 2014.  Thanks Nerdy Book Club!  Based on what I did over there, I have about 25 novels picked out to read this year.  I won't list all the titles here, and here's why:  most of them are adult titles, and I know many of you are looking to stay up on MG and YA books.  Believe me, I will scatter in what you are tweeting and blogging about.  I've read some Amazing things because of what you are seeking out.  (Brown Girl Dreaming, El know...Awesomeness!)   But My People (My sister, sister in law, mama, etc.) are giving me books to read, and they are piling up in my bedroom.  Time to get busy and read.  :)  But to get started, today I've finished this treasure that I snatched up at the library:


Not an adult title, but amazing! (And the book birthday and my birthday are the same!)  My heart is breaking, and yet it's not.  
But seriously, those titles from my family and the ones that I've purchased and not read...

Finally, I wish you an awesome 2015!  


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  1. Kendra, I love the word ENOUGH. What a terrific OLW for 2015! I'm looking forward to watching your journey with ENOUGH for this year!