Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Slice of Life--A Brain Dump. :)


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I always start writing, even when I don't think I have anything to write about.  Something ALWAYS comes from that.  

I wanted to slice about a lot of things.  I couldn't get any of them organized in my head this morning.  At all.  I had a wakeful moment at 3 AM, which is making it hard to organize anything this morning.  
So here are my ideas, in no special order.  Discuss.  :)

1.  This weekend, my oldest son, "Big A" had a situation that reminded me how hard parenting is going to be in the next 10 years.  It resolved itself nicely.  But involved friends stealing from Li'l T.  (Big A's little brother.)  But Mr. and I had to charge at that one head on, advocate, call people awkwardly...all stuff I'm not good at on the weekends.  Parents of bigger kids, here's to it.  We got this.  I'm learning it's really about letting go, and not being able to micromanage everything they do.  By the way, I'm super proud of "Big A," and the things he said and did.  That might end up being a slice next time.  

2.   My Fine State has required state testing now for 1st graders. (All students really.)  It's connected to a reading initiative passed by the state.  The whole on grade level by 3rd grade thing.  I don't care for it. (In a nutshell.)  I'm struggling with how to be compliant, and dedicated to what is asked of me.  I want to stay tentative and learning.  And yet, I know what's best for the kids in my classroom.  I don't think this initiative is it.  Right now, I'm overwhelmed with the process and it's totally cutting into the "January Magic" that happens in first grade where they all grow up into students overnight. (Where are my first grade teachers at?  Does it happen in other grades too?)

3.  I have been working out a lot in January!  My little goal for January work outs was to just do some and not fall off the work out wagon now that it's beyond cold here.  Yoga, Elliptical, and Outdoor running make a great combination.  

4.  As I write daily, it's funny to notice the emotions around that.  It's also really become a spiritual journey for me.  After looking at that journey in the past few years, I love that it continues with writing!  

5.  I'm considering the idea of unlikely friendships in reading.  The kids really seem to have grasped on to this.  Favorite books?

6.  I loved #1stchat on Sunday.  Lots of discussion around Choice in Math.  Thoughts?  

I think this is it.  It's time to charge into the day.  


  1. Do it Kendra! I love your list and getting charged up to embrace the day. I am more and more frustrated when I read about TESTS and I don't have a classroom or kids to prepare but it's making my flesh crawl to where we are in education. Your own exercise helps...

  2. Kendra, I love how you describe January Magic. I've taught 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and middle school and I've never seen January Magic to the extent that I think it must happen in1st grade. The magic of reading and writing and their 1st grade glee and innocence. Thanks for the post!

  3. Love your brain dump - I appreciate how you just wrote, even if you didn't know what to write. I see that you found a couple of seed ideas in your dump... great to share with kids how this happens. Just write!

  4. I had to stop and re-read this: testing for 1st. grade?! Wow...what have we come to in public education in this country these days?

  5. I just think that those in power keep thinking if they throw another assessment in that it will take care of the learning. There is so much more, but guess I really am preaching to the choir! I liked your brain dump-fun to think about all those things!

  6. Can't even comment about the first grade testing. Sigh. Blah. But unlikely friendship books? Great theme! How about: Pete and Pickles (I love this book: http://thereisabookforthat.com/2012/03/09/pete-pickles/ It's kind of a love story) Herman and Rosie, Don't Play with your food, Sophie's Squash, Wilfred. Okay, stopping - I could do this all day. So many titles to fit into this theme! Have fun.

    1. I love Sophie's Squash! Thanks for reminding me! I'm working on putting together a list...just because the kids have really hooked into this. Thanks for the link! I'll check it out!