Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Slice of Life: A Creed.

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Last Fall, as I was nearing the end of a grueling grad class; I had to pick up a book.  You know, to read.  I'm so lucky it was this one:


I read it in two sittings.  Now I could go on about the lessons to be learned; the power of women; the power of story.  It could go on.  But my slice isn't a book review.  You already know that this book is amazing. In the book; Jacqueline Woodson writes a creed toward the end.  A statement of belief after experiencing her life.

Once, not too long ago, a visiting pastor shared with our congregation that a creed is spoken boldly.  Clench your fists.  Look in your friend's eyes.  Say it with Gusto!  Now, I'm Lutheran.  So I'm pretty sure by the time he got to Gusto--some people had passed out from all the excitement.  :)  I came to Faith later in life; so excitement in church doesn't scare me.  This day was a little bit confirming about who I am as a person of Faith. (That could be a series of slices people!)

So, I had written a creed for myself.  Just a quick write; a statement of beliefs.  Then I had tucked it away with my fall graduate work.  Enter spring graduate work, and a chance to open up the notebook where I write down outlines, etc. before I post them online.  And I found it:

I Believe in God.
I Believe in Love.  All the time; Choose Love.
I Believe in slowing down as much as you can.  That's when life happens.
With that; I Believe it's okay to be bored.
I Believe in laughing uproariously.
I Believe in snacks with friends.
I Believe that my life needs a soundtrack.  A Good One.
I Believe that a good nap can solve almost anything.  (Eat a snack when you wake up.)
I completely Believe in the power of coffee.
I Believe in loyalty.
I Believe that what goes on in a long run can heal you--inside and out.
I Believe in Miracles.  Even Today.

Jacqueline Woodson's book has stuck with me.  I highly recommend it.  If it inspired you in anyway, I would love to hear about it!



  1. I did this same thing after I read Brown Girl Dreaming. I think it really puts things in perspective as to what is really important. I am predicting this book to win the Newbery.


  2. Had to laugh at your comment about Lutherans! Brown Girl is an amazing read - more so the second and third time, I feel, when I could pay much closer attention to all the subtleties of her interconnecting themes.

  3. Brown Girl took my breath away. I love your Creed statements. Such great words to live by.

    By the way, I, too, believe in the power of coffee.

  4. I've yet to read Brown Girl. It's the next book I plan to read when I go out of town for business next month. That reminds me... I should download it on my eReader asap!

    BTW: I'd love to share this SOL with others during our March SOLSC. Will you be participating in it? If so, please email me and lmk if this would be okay for me to share in one of my daily calls for sol stories. stacey[at]staceyshubitz[dot]com. THANKS!

  5. It is something to keep and re-read, Kendra. I love your creed, know that it must have been very good to find, read again, perhaps renew. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh I love that book so much!!! I read it last week on one of my snow/ice days. I think I will write my creed today for my #sol15 blog post!

  7. Now I just have to read this book! This had me giggling out loud and I got some odd looks in the coffee shop --> "Now, I'm Lutheran. So I'm pretty sure by the time he got to Gusto--some people had passed out from all the excitement."

    I love your creed. So clear, simple, and strong. Keep on living and saying your creed with gusto!!

  8. I loved Brown Girl! Thanks for sharing your creed; I used it as an inspiration for my #sol15 post today!

  9. This instantly sparked my imagination...I must go write my creed now...